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Reading Anne of Green Gables a couple of weeks ago put me in the mood for the 1985 (... okay, wow, it really doesn't feel like it was that long ago) miniseries, which I couldn't find streaming anywhere. So I put the little yen aside until tonight, when I noticed that at some point recently my TiVo recorded the 2016 TV movie version. Which, I admit, I never had the slightest interest in, having thoroughly imprinted on the earlier Megan Follows version.

Still, it was Anne and it was on my tv, so hey! It was good - it's hard to go really wrong with that story - but sort of watered down, with all the prickly edges softened up, which was a pity. It also felt a bit rushed, with a run time of about an hour and a half (rather than the ~3 1/2 of the miniseries).

Also, much though I love Martin Sheen, wow is he the wrong actor to play shy, retiring, practically invisible Matthew Cuthbert. He did his best, but can't exactly hide his presence under a bushel. *g*

Anyway - glad a new generation has an Anne of their own, but I have to admit, glad my generation had the Anne we had. <3
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