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2017-06-20 01:14 am
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note to self

When you keep seeing the "create factory recovery media" messages on your laptop, click okay at some point and create the freaking factory-reset backup.

This lesson brought to you courtesy of my small but intense panic when my laptop shut off and came up with a "boot drive not found" error, and then a "hard drive not installed" error when I found my way into the diagnostics. Gah.

Happily, it looks like it was just overheated/overhumid and a bit unhappy from some jostling, and it let me boot up a while later. At which point I sacrificed my good USB stick to the whole recovery-media thing pretty damn fast, lemme tell you, while crossing my fingers it wouldn't black-screen at me in the middle. (It did not! \o/) And then once that was safe I updated the backup software to the new version, and here I am.

... and yet, when the laptop popped up a chirpy "there's a new version installed, we need to update your backup media", I nearly hit "remind me later" because I was typing this post. *facepalm* *hits 'update now'*

And, uh, hi!
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2017-01-20 05:27 pm

More Joy Day!

This is old, but always lifts my spirits, so in honor of the day, have an extended boom de yada song:

And I'll take a cue from [personal profile] movies_michelle and [personal profile] dorinda, and offer to write commentfic if anyone's interested. Give me a fandom and a single word prompt, and I'll see what I can do!

(I'm not adding a list of fandoms because I know I'll forget things; ask for whatever you want, and if I can't do it, I'll say so.)
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2017-01-17 10:04 pm

(no subject)

Well I got out of that posting-every-day habit pretty fast. Let's try that again.

[personal profile] james has opened a "Cuddles for Comfort" collection on AO3! She says:

The collection is open to fiction, art, vids, podfic, any type of fan creation that features cuddling.

All fandoms!

All relationships and ratings. Gen, slash, het; lovers, friends, siblings, sworn enemies, sentient battle tanks, all welcome!

The fest is from now until Feb 14, though the collection won't really close so folks can post after.

Cuddles for Comfort 2017 banner
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2017-01-10 01:23 am

Anne of Green Gables

(icon not exactly Anne, but certainly bosom friends!)

Reading Anne of Green Gables a couple of weeks ago put me in the mood for the 1985 (... okay, wow, it really doesn't feel like it was that long ago) miniseries, which I couldn't find streaming anywhere. So I put the little yen aside until tonight, when I noticed that at some point recently my TiVo recorded the 2016 TV movie version. Which, I admit, I never had the slightest interest in, having thoroughly imprinted on the earlier Megan Follows version.

Still, it was Anne and it was on my tv, so hey! It was good - it's hard to go really wrong with that story - but sort of watered down, with all the prickly edges softened up, which was a pity. It also felt a bit rushed, with a run time of about an hour and a half (rather than the ~3 1/2 of the miniseries).

Also, much though I love Martin Sheen, wow is he the wrong actor to play shy, retiring, practically invisible Matthew Cuthbert. He did his best, but can't exactly hide his presence under a bushel. *g*

Anyway - glad a new generation has an Anne of their own, but I have to admit, glad my generation had the Anne we had. <3
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2017-01-09 12:51 am

fannish history

(still taking questions/suggestions, if you want me to talk about anything in particular - mixing up my responses to those with other stuff as I go)

[personal profile] princessofgeeks asked me to talk about my fannish history, which I touched on a bit in yesterday's post. Usually when I talk about it, I stick to my media-fandom past, but really it goes back earlier than that. This is also going to riff a bit off [personal profile] gwyn's post about her first viewing of Star Wars, and how that changed her life, because I basically just went flaily when I saw that and was all "yes, that! That's what it was like!" With the Starlog and the not having any information and the game-changing-ness of it all!

So here I am, flailing. :)

Things are SO different now for SF fans; I never would have believed that there would be so much SFF available, both in print and in visual media, that I would have to pick and choose what I wanted to consume because there was no way to keep up with it all.

When I was in jr high/high school, it was pretty much possible to keep up with everything that got published in the genre, if you were a fast enough reader. Not just novels; all the magazines, too. And not just the short-story mags (Asimov's, and Analog, and Astounding, and Fantasy & Science Fiction...), but things like Starlog and Omni (♥ Omni ♥) and Fangoria. (I started working a paper route and babysitting at 12, and along with taking out as many things from the library as they'd let me, all my money went to reading material, basically.)

For a lot of that time, "fandom" was something magical and amazing that happened over there somewhere, for other, luckier people. I knew about cons from seeing ads in the back of the magazines, and from reading things like the Star Trek Concordance and similar things, but I couldn't imagine being part of that, much though I wanted to be.

Then in 1980, when I was 15, WorldCon came back to Boston as NorEascon III, and the Sunday paper had a bit about it. My parents showed me the article and I drank it all in, then went off to my room to read a book because these things were not for me. My dad knocked on my door a few minutes later and offered to give me $50 and a ride in to the hotel where it was being held, so I could get a day pass and have a few hours to explore.

!!!!! Z.O.M.G. !!!!!

So in I went, and wandered around wide-eyed and amazed. I'd already missed three and a half days of the con, but I didn't care; this was the best thing ever. I don't think I went to any panels, but I walked around and listened to hall conversations and looked at people's costumes and wallowed in the Hucksters' Room and bought some stuff, including a NorEascon III beer mug that I still have.

Worldcon is a trippy, trippy first con to attend, let me tell you. *g* A few months later, I went to my first Boskone, this time for all three days (although for some reason my parents didn't want 15-y-o me staying at the hotel so I had to be driven in and out...), and I was hooked. I could only afford one con per year, but I went every year without fail. I loved all of it: the filking, the in-jokes, the merchandise (SO MANY BOOKS *swooooon*), the costumes, the conversations, the con suite, the people.

The hucksters' room at Boskone is where I discovered Elfquest; I was chatting with one of the dealers and he talked it up, and I went home and sent in a subscription (that was when they were theoretically coming out every three months, during the initial run of the initial quest). I filled in the massive holes in my book collection, bought BSG and Doctor Who and Star Trek merchandise, bought waaaay too many glossy 8x10 photographs (with the circles and the arrows and the paragraphs on the back... wait, no) of pretty pretty actors. I picked up the SF-con speaking cadence.

SF fandom at the time was very much book-based; people watched (all of the) SF movies and shows, but that was just entertainment. Real ("real") fandom was reading and writing books, reading and writing for zines (not media fanzines, though!), making and selling SFF art, costuming (we weren't calling it cosplay back then), talking about science, etc etc. Star Wars had been creating an influx of new fans to con-going fandom and there were some cranky rumblings about media fans versus trufen.

So there I was - a book fan, sure! I fit right in at SF cons! But also I really liked all those movies and tv shows everyone was looking down on. :( But I was at teenager who thought I'd found my people, and I relegated tv shows to being just something I did on my own, and focused on the stuff everyone else liked as my social activity.

And it really was social; I made friends that I saw every year, and I introduced family and friends to cons if I thought they might like them, and I even bought the Fandom Directory most years, and made some penpal friends I kept for years and years.

So it was okay! These were my people, this was my thing, all was well. I just kept reading comics and watching tv shows and movies off in a corner on my own. Then in the mid-80s someone brought fanzines -- fanfic fanzines -- to Boskone, selling them out of their room. I poked around the room and discovered a box of zines labelled Star Trek K/S, and when the dealer told me what the slash meant, I handed over my food money for the weekend and took as many as that would buy. *g*

Alas, my roommate for that con had also been to the zine room and flipped through some gen zines, and was dismissive of the whole idea when I mentioned I'd been there, so I figured I would just keep my little stash of slash to myself. I spent most of the next decade still in SF fandom, still with that tiny handful of slash zines, and still not talking to anyone about any of it.

Then I got online and plugged "forever knight" into what passed for a search engine at the time (I'm pretty sure this was pre-Alta Vista; I can't for the life of me remember how I did the search now, but I remember Alta Vista coming along later and being blown away by what an amazing search engine it was).

And then I realized that I'd finally *really* found my people. *beams* And here I still am, more than 20 years later. ♥
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2017-01-07 10:03 pm

First fannish love

[personal profile] kass asked me to talk about my first fannish love, and I've been mullling that over since she mentioned it. I'm not entirely sure how to define it.

It could be Lord of the Rings; I read it for the first time when I was 12, and wow. It was an annual re-read for me for years; I learned some Elvish; I memorized some of the poetry. It sparked my interest in Nordic legend and myth, and shoved me full-tilt into the SFF side of genre. ("It's just a phase," my parents thought. "She'll grow out of it." Hahahahaaaa not so much...)

Or it could be ST:TOS, which I watched in reruns starting god knows when, and bonded with my soon-to-be sister-in-law over when I was 13-14. I could recognize episodes from the first few seconds; I bought the novelizations and the fotonovels and the tie-ins as soon as they started appearing. I discovered my embarrassment squick through Plato's Children when Spock was forced to behave ridiculously; I started down the path of seeing humanity as a whole and being totally confused by nationalism. I found the Star Trek Concordance at the library and read it cover to cover, marveling at the stories about the first Star Trek conventions in New York and wishing I was brave enough to go to a con. (It really did have that little moving wheel on the cover, too – so cool!) TOS zines were the first I ever bought, and were my introduction to slash. ♥ No other ST series ever worked for me as well as the original.

It could be Star Wars, which came out when I was 12 and oh my GOD was I the right age for that. I wanted as much as I could get and then some; I saw it many times in the theater that summer and dozens of times in the theater over the next year or two. When my family got cable for the first time a few years later, I got up at 6am to watch it on HBO. (Dad: "... haven't you seen this before? Why are you awake?" me: "shhhhh!!!!!") I wanted the novelizations and the calendars and the t-shirts (... I still have the t-shirt *kof*) (... and the novelizations). I dressed up my dolls and stuffed animals as Star Wars characters. (You haven't lived till you've turned a stuffed skunk into a stormtrooper with careful application of tissues and scotch tape.)

It could be Battlestar Galactica (the original). This is the first canon for which I consciously made up stories, mostly about how Apollo and Starbuck were meant to be together, or how one of them needed to rescue the other, so that makes it a first as well. I hadn't quite gotten all the way to slash on my own yet, but I was right there on the verge.

Or it could be Forever Knight, which I watched religiously no matter how hard it was to find, and taped regularly (first show I ever taped for keeping!), and went looking online to see if anyone else watched it, too, when I first got online. I've talked about my early FK days here before – hah, actually, because Kass asked about it a few years ago. <3 That was what pushed me from being in SF fandom proper to being in media fandom, and man, I loved it. I loved the people, the energy, the creativity, the fan theories, the riffs and in-jokes, all of it. It was the first time I'd interacted with people who were writing fanfic, and it made me think that this was something I could maybe do? It wasn't the first fandom I wrote fic in (hah, I checked this time – usually I get this wrong and say FK was the first), but it was the second, and I made some really strong connections with people in that fandom.

So, uh. My first fannish love was sort of ... everything? Heh.
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2017-01-06 10:21 pm

cat post!

I am trying to take care of errands and stuff before tomorrow's storm, so am posting a cat video real fast to get in my daily post. <3

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2017-01-05 11:46 pm
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What I've been reading

Both [personal profile] dorinda and [personal profile] rosaw asked what I've been reading lately, so it seemed like a good one to tackle next. I've gotten weirdly out of the habit of reading novels in the past few years, but started picking up nonfiction. Sloooowly, though; and huh, I just realized it's because I have a mental block against getting too involved in anything in case I need to drop everything and Go Do The Thing (whatever the thing may be). That is an incredibly useful thing to know, so yay for this question!

Anyway. Novels/fiction may finally be working their way back into the mix, as I settled in a few days ago with Anne of Green Gables (♥) on the theory that I could really use something gentle and charming to sink into in the midst of this political miasma - and wow, good call, I felt much better afterward. I have oodles of fiction on my to-read list, so am looking forward to getting back into that. I got Ted Chiang's Story of Your Life and Others for Christmas, after loving The Arrival, so that will be up soon.

But other than that, it really has largely been nonfic for a good while now. I am still reading Ron Chernow's biography of Hamilton - I was going great guns with it but put it aside and haven't gone back to it yet. I will, though. It really is that good. (And then up: Chernow's Washington. Good writer, Ron Chernow!)

I'm also reading (about 3/4 done with) And Then I Thought I Was a Fish by Peter Welch. I got there via a metafilter post about something else this guy posted to his website, and in the comments someone linked to his essays recording his psychotic break. I went to read them (still online for free here) and got so sucked in that when I hit the point where he posted a link to the $2.99 kindle version, I had to buy it.

I'm ALSO reading (well, listening to - it's good highway listening) Elizabeth Warren's A Fighting Chance. She does the Audible narration herself, which is sort of fabulous. I just kind of want to follow her around like a puppy, really. She is amazing.

As for stuff I've finished more-or-less recently (past couple of years):

I'd been hearing about 1491 and the sequel, 1493, off and on for years, and finally pushed 1491 to the top of my list to see if the hype was really justified. It was; I have to force myself not to shove copies in people's hands and tell them to read them. I knew I'd been taught mostly incorrect history, and had picked up bits and pieces of better information as I could, but these laid things out as a cohesive whole I'd never seen before. It was one of those worldview-shifting experiences for me.

A whole bunch of epidemic/disease-related books, of which my favorites were:

* The Great Influenza: The Story of the Greatest Pandemic in History

* Polio: An American Story

* On Immunity: An Innoculation

* The Great Mortality: An Intimate History of the Black Death, the Most Devastating Plague of All Time

* The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic--and How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World

And not a disease but my favorite of the disaster books I read during the same phase: Dark Tide: The Great Molasses Flood of 1919 (true story!)

And finally to lighten things up a bit, two books by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess). Both draw heavily but not exclusively on her blog, and her writing just cracks me the hell up.

* Let's Just Pretend This Never Happened

* Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

... and now I've written this list up and am suddenly re-interpreting the request to be "talk about the actual content of things you're reading", but it's nearly midnight and that will have to be another night. *g*
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2017-01-04 10:58 pm

January meme: H/C bingo

(still taking questions/suggestions, if you want me to talk about anything in particular - mixing up my responses to those with other stuff as I go)

As part of my "dammit I will be more fannish" decision, I signed up for an [community profile] hc_bingo card. The official bingo period ends, uh, tomorrow (Jan. 5), so I suspect I will not succeed on that front, but the amnesty period lasts through June 1, so I still have a shot at getting something done, at least.

My hc_bingo card )
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2017-01-03 10:24 pm

January meme: Night Court stuff

[personal profile] dorinda asked a question that I had actually just been thinking about recently myself, so I'm gonna start with that:

Do you think it would be possible to have a story, written today, centered around the Night Court episode "Best of Friends", or would the period-accurate (& therefore sometimes transphobic) handling of some of it make it a non-starter or drawerfic?

So, for background: the Night court ep 'Best of Friends' )

There is just so much scope in this episode for fanfic, looking at Dan's willingness to move past at least some of his rigid way of looking at the world, and how when he loves someone it's intense and real, and how maybe that's why he doesn't have friends - he knows how to do transactional relationships, but not really how to do casual friendships; it's all or nothing with him, and he anchors himself to his real relationships, so he's at risk of being set badly adrift if something goes wrong.

But that said, this would be really dicey to write about today, because even though this episode at heart is about accepting people for who they are, regardless of who that is, it's still done in a mid-80s way, which is 30 years out of date.

I think it could be done, but drawerfic or a locked-down posting might be the way to go. I would hate to see someone looking for trans tags stumble into 80s transphobia (and even 80s trans norms - lots of things were different) without realizing it.

My brain is all aswirl with caveats and but-ifs, but yeah: in this particular case, I think an episode-centered story should be kept more private.
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2017-01-02 04:05 pm
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January posting meme

Wow, it's been forever since I've posted. Hi! It's been a hunker-down-and-get-through kinda year -- not all negative, but energy-intensive. I didn't even sign up for Yuletide, for the first time ever, and while I was sad to lose my streak, I don't regret taking this one off. I'm also prone to retreating into my own head in stressful times, and uh, hello present day.

But enough is enough, so I'm going to see if I can re-set my sociability a bit and get to posting more. Maybe even creating things, that would be nice. Maybe fight some fascism.

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and do a January posting meme thing. I'll try to post every day, and if there's anything you want me to write about, feel free to leave a comment, with or without a requested date.
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2016-01-01 12:14 pm


I had an embarrassment of riches this year, with three gifts written for me, two in the main collection and one in Madness.

Two absolute charmers were in Boston Legal, written for me by debirlfan:

Names and Other Irrelevant Labels (1073 words) by debirlfan
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Boston Legal
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Denny Crane/Alan Shore
Characters: Denny Crane, Alan Shore
Additional Tags: Post-Finale, Yuletide

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Crane, 2015 (100 words) by debirlfan
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Boston Legal
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Denny Crane, Alan Shore
Additional Tags: Yuletide Madness Drabble Invitational

You just know Denny would do it...

Boston Legal is a fandom of my heart, largely because of Denny and Alan, and I was over the moon to get two visits with them this year. ♥

The third was in Jumpin' Jack Flash, full of the awesome that is Terry Doolittle:

Old School for New Tech (1091 words) by BardicRaven
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Terry Dolittle/Her Imagination
Characters: Terry Dolittle, The Russian Lady Fitness Instructor, James Page, Miscellaneous I.T. semi-professionals
Additional Tags: Banks - Freeform, Finance, Money Transfers, Money, fitness, exercise, Russian exercise telly ruining data-entry scores, Data-entry, Soul-sucking jobs, Job Disatisfaction, Employment, problem solving, Old School, New Tech, Misses Clause Challenge

Sometimes, ya just gotta handle it old-school.

Basically I spent Yuletide reveal night beaming my head off.

I wrote Invisible Man for Ark, who asked for "smutty and in love", so I was pretty much beaming my head off on assignments day, too. Right up my alley, that. I had a few false starts, but in the end I'm really happy with what I wound up writing:

A Day Like Many Days (1875 words) by Arduinna
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Invisible Man (TV 2000)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Darien Fawkes/Bobby Hobbes
Characters: Darien Fawkes, Bobby Hobbes
Additional Tags: Partnership, downtime, Dinner, after-dinner fun

Sometimes a dinner invitation was just a dinner invitation -- but sometimes it was more.

I managed to forget to put the quote that explains the title in the end notes like I'd planned, but oh well, so it goes. I think it works anyway. :)
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2015-10-27 12:22 am

Dear Yuletide Writer

Thank you so much! The thought of a story in any of these fandoms is already making me happy.

I love all of these fandoms unreservedly, so if you have a yen to explore the universe, or bring in additional characters I didn't list, it's all good.

If you want more information about my requests, read on - but please don't worry if your ideas go in a different direction. Optional details are optional! I would much rather read the story you wanted to write than the story you felt you were obligated to write because of something I said. As long as it's for one of these fandoms, and uses the characters, you totally win at Yuletide. \o/

my fic tastes )

Why I love these fandoms

(Alphabetical, not ranked by preference! I love them all. :)

Boston Legal )

Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986) )

Night Court )

Tango & Cash (1989) )

I adore all these fandoms, and will be happy with absolutely anything you write, as long as you enjoy writing it.

And thank you, again!!
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2015-09-14 05:04 pm

Endeavour s1e3 - Rocket

In the past few weeks I started randomly watching Endeavour, mostly thanks to [personal profile] therienne. Over the weekend, I caught up with a few first-season eps I'd missed, including Rocket.

I was not expecting that. )
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2014-12-31 04:41 pm


ETA: *facepalm* I forgot that this year's YT was being based on midnight UTC for major stuff, and have been sitting here sorting finances to have everything from 2014 done before 2015 instead of wallowing around in the archive. Which I just virtuously closed up the checkbook and the budget and was about to go do, and spotted people doing reveals posts already. Whoops!

Many thanks, [personal profile] merryghoul! <3 <3


I should have spent today running an errand that I couldn't finish yesterday, since otherwise I won't have time for at least a week or two. But it consists mostly of driving for about 3 hours round-trip to stand in a line for probably 15 minutes to return some equipment, and I admitted to myself when I got up that I just didn't want to. I took a few days off this week (after months of incredibly busy RL between work and family), and it has been bliss to (mostly) just stay home and not worry about anything. I wanted one more day of that, so screw the errand; it's worth it.

That busy RL has meant that too much stuff has piled up around my house to let me actually dive into Yuletide and not come back out the way I wanted to, but I've managed to do some poking around without the usual pressure to squeeze in as much reading as I can between other obligations. Again, bliss!

Starting, of course, with my own gift. My request wound up going out as a fairly last-minute pinch hit this year, so I was completely bowled over when it turned out to be something targeted so closely to my likes:

Duck and Cover (1470 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Burn Notice
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sam Axe/Michael Westen
Characters: Sam Axe, Michael Westen
Additional Tags: Backstory, Missions, Missions Gone Wrong, Escape, Caves, Kissing, Pre-Series

Sam and Michael are together on a mission in Thailand that goes wrong. What happens next involves a lot of running.

I mean, look at those tags! ♥

The voices in this are bang-on, and I could totally see this happening. And the ending leaves them in such a solid, together place. *happy sigh* Mike/Sam is woefully rare in Burn Notice, so I'm doubly chuffed to have gotten this.

Now, as usual, I just wish there was another week till author reveals, so I could work my way through more of the stories while they're still anon; there are whole fandoms I haven't touched yet as I've bounced around the list. c'est la yuletide.
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2014-10-26 01:51 pm

Dear Yuletide Writer

Thank you so much! The thought of a story in any of these fandoms is already making me happy.

I'd really like something that falls on the warm / happy / fluffy / vanilla end of the spectrum, if possible. If that isn't something you can do, I understand! Just please no deathfic or loss of a loved one, including pets; and no terminal illnesses of any kind as an h/c or angst trope. Thank you. <3

I love all of these fandoms unreservedly, so if you have a yen to explore the universe, or bring in additional characters I didn't list, it's all good.

If you want more information about my requests, read on - but please don't worry if your ideas go in a different direction. Optional details are optional! I would much rather read the story you wanted to write than the story you felt you were obligated to write because of something I said. As long as it's for one of these fandoms, and uses the characters, you totally win at Yuletide. \o/

my fic tastes )

Why I love these fandoms

(Alphabetical, not ranked by preference! I love them all. :)

Burn Notice )

Grimm )

Voyagers! )

I adore all these fandoms, and will be happy with absolutely anything you write, as long as you enjoy writing it.

And thank you, again!!
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2014-04-26 06:40 pm
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the Yuletide import just got better

If you haven't been following the [ profile] yuletide_admin comm (there's also a DW feed of it: [syndicated profile] yuletide_admin_feed), things have been happening! The old Yuletide archive is going to be imported "in early May" -- there's no specific date, but this is happening within a matter of weeks. \o/

Originally they weren't sure if comments would be included. That has been steadily firming up, and as of today has reached a point I honestly never expected: not only are comments going to be imported with works from the old archive, but if you tell them exactly which stories to connect, IN ADVANCE, they'll also be able to import comments to old YT stories you've already uploaded.


If you imported them yourself from the old YT site, you're all set; it should happen automatically. If you uploaded them manually (that would be what I did), that link will give you a link to the contact form to give Open Doors the info, and will tell you exactly what information to include.

So here's the thing. Technically, "early May" is... next week. Looking at the schedule, it looks like the import won't happen till sometime after May 4 (since they have a "how will this work?" chat scheduled for that day), but that's next Sunday. Presumably, the import could happen at any point thereafter. If you want your old comments attached to works you've already uploaded, you have to set it up in advance, which pretty much means "do this now".

If you wait till after the archive import, it'll be too late, and you'll lose those old comments.

Unrelated to the comments issue, the YT admins have created collections for all YT years now, and you can go through and add your old works to the proper collections. Please do, if you're planning on keeping your uploaded versions instead of deleting them in favor of the imported versions! I am greedy, and want allllll the YT fic together. <3

If you haven't already uploaded/imported your old YT stories, you don't have to do anything but wait, then claim your stories after the fact. Your stories will be imported to the correct collections with comments intact.

More info from the AO3 announcement, including chat dates and times -- the first chat is going on as I type this, the second is next week, as mentioned.
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2014-03-10 04:38 pm


I saw my first ad for Cosmos about a month ago, which consisted of a lot of visuals and no obvious indication of who the host would be.

First reaction: outrage! "Cosmos is Carl Sagan's! No one else can do it!"

Second reaction: "... hm, unless they got Neil deGrasse Tyson. He could do it."

*brief interlude of rewinding and watching the footage slowly over and over again, trying to pin down the tiny flash of host I'd caught out of the corner of my eye*

Third reaction: "WOO Neil deGrasse Tyson! This should be great!"

The first episode aired last night, and was everything I'd hoped. There were a lot of callbacks to the original that made me happy, including some straight-up repetition of approach and dialogue. But it wasn't a rip-off; it was clearly an homage to tie the two versions together. This is an updated revision, not a wholesale rewrite, and I totally dig that. Also it's hugely clear that Tyson admired and respected the hell out of Sagan, as a scientist, a person, and the man who'd helped popularize a lot of science almost 35 years ago. The final few minutes of the episode had me choking up.

(Also holy cow, they got Obama to do the intro.)

I can't wait for the rest of this series.

And then there's this, which has me grinning all over my face:

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2014-03-07 11:27 pm

7 days to Veronica Mars movie

I keep meaning to post about this and then getting distracted, and it's probably all over Tumblr anyway, but hey.

So, last year, when the Kickstarter campaign got announced, I was both intrigued and wary -- what a cool idea! But erk, what if Hollywood decides "get the fans to pay to make the movie, then pay to watch it, woo" is a great business model? But I figured there's no way this movie had a chance in hell of happening otherwise, and I'd loved first season VM, so... sure. I kicked in. Then watched in awe as the numbers climbed and climbed and CLIMBED.

From the get-go, I thought Rob Thomas was being pretty damn decent about everything. The rewards were spread out nicely, and a digital download came at a lower level than the DVD, instead of being added as an extra perk for a higher level, so more people had a shot at it. The original idea was to get people the digital download a few days after the theater premiere, which is more than reasonable.

I've been on the backers update mailings ever since, and I gotta say: the VM team is working its ass off to make this movie available to as many people as possible, as fast as possible, with as few hurdles as possible. The first few months were obviously focused on making the movie, but the last few months have all been about distribution as far and wide as possible.

At this point:
  • They got the entire series streaming on Amazon Prime in time for people to watch one ep per day leading up to the movie release.

  • The movie's being released widely across the US. And there are advanced screenings the night before in 17 US cities. For a fan-funded movie.

  • The movie will premiere in theaters in Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Germany on the same day. No staggered releases. (... wait, I take that back. Germany's premiering it on the 13th, a day earlier than the US.)

  • Some countries that aren't officially getting it in theaters are getting "fan screenings" set up by Warner Bros: Sweden, Mexico, Australia.

  • Can't get a theater or fan event? Check your cable/satellite, or digital retailers (like Amazon or iTunes). This is being released digitally across the world on premiere day. All backers who contributed at least $35 will be sent instructions on how to stream/download their copies on the same day as well. No waiting.

  • They've set up a line of tie-in novels. Because fan-funded film. The first book is co-written by Rob Thomas and will be available on March 25 (I haven't read the blurb or anything else, and would rather not hear spoilers, if this is canonical to post-VM-movie, tyk!). He's already said that the first novel is canonical to both show and movie, and will remain so; if there's another movie, it will either be an adaptation of that book or will be set after it. (Which totally counts as a gift to the fans because look at all the arguments about "yeah but is the book *canon*?" he just stopped!)

  • At the same time Rob Thomas is working on his own tie-in novels, he's added the VM universe to Kindle Worlds and announced that now people can write fanfic! Which, okay, I pat them on their little heads at the idea that fans need an official sandbox to play in, but still: it's a solid tip of the hat to the idea that this universe is about more than just them, and it gives fans who want to go that route a chance to make some money for their fanfic, just like him (at least in theory). (Also, sort of adorably, he carefully explains that Kindle Worlds novels won't be canon, they'll be fanon. Although tsk, he links to Wikipedia instead of Fanlore for both definitions. Someone needs to put him in touch with Orlando Jones, he'll steer him right.)

  • They set up a Cafepress fan portal as the gateway to all VM merchandise on Cafepress -- from official merch to fan-created stuff, all mixed in together. Fan-created stuff has limitations like no images from the source, and needs to be approved before it's added, but anyone can make it, and again can make some cash on sales of stuff relating to this universe, with official blessing.

  • For US folks only, Apple has a few Countdown to Veronica Mars offers, including a free download of the extended pilot (not the aired version), a behind-the-scenes featurette, and ways to order or pre-order VM stuff (soundtrack, novel, movie).

This is all just sort of unreal, in terms of how Hollywood usually treats fans. They're going way out of their way to make this as inclusive a deal as possible. Warner Bros is doing a lot of the heavy lifting there; they told him they'd do distribution if he raised the money to make it. But this is just staggering. Free screenings, international distribution deals (whatever they set up with Germany set back the DVD release, so there's some real negotiation going on here), merch and fic that fans can get a cut of, simultaneous global digital release across both broadcast/on-demand and download services, not to mention on the same day as the global theater release... holy cow. If this is the lesson Hollywood takes away from this Kickstarter, everyone wins, man.

I can't believe all of this has only taken a single year. This is amazing stuff.