Delicious, delicious Nyquil

Jun. 25th, 2017 02:43 am
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Posted by divabat

Is it dangerous to cook or eat boiled Nyquil?

There's a Tumblr post going around where someone responds to a jokey Chopped parody post about cooking with a random assortment of ingredients that included Nyquil with a full-on cooking plan. Part of the plan the poster suggests includes making a vinagrette out of Nyquil syrup.

Suppose, hypothetically, that someone was to follow through on this plan. Would making the Nyquil vinagrette cause any harm to the chef, the diner, the cooking utensils? Would it cause some kind of unwanted chemical reaction? If so, is there a way to approximate the flavours of Nyquil with safer ingredients?

(bonus question: what's the Australian version of Pirate Berry cereal?)

Trite subject line

Jun. 25th, 2017 04:39 am
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Innocent-sounding question. No context.
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Posted by ErisLordFreedom

I haven't played video games with a controller in several years. I've picked up a few PC games that really need one, and I'd like to enjoy them, but I'm terrible at basic activity with the controller itself. I finally picked up a controller - XBox 360 wired - and I'd like some recommendations for fun, probably easy, games with the sole purpose of learning how the controller works.

The last games I enjoyed with a controller were Super Mario Sunshine (for which I made my daughter do all the timed boss fights) and Animal Crossing 1. That's mostly because I don't care for most games that need a controller (and not because I'm terrible at them, although that may contribute to not liking them).

I have never played a Zelda game, any Mario platformer, anything on a Playstation, nor any controller-based shoot-the-spaceships game more recent that the original Space Invaders, which I sucked at. (My brother played Space Invaders; I played Adventure. We were both happy.) I'm a longtime video gamer who's managed to avoid pretty much every combat-focused advance in video gaming tech since 1980.

But come to believe I might like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dust, Ghost of a Tale, DCU Online, Braid, Limbo, and Genital Jousting, all of which I have, most of which I have tried with the keyboard and wow, those were horrible.

What I Have:
Over 400 games on Steam, about 2/3 of which are mine; the rest are family shares from my daughter. I subscribe to Humble Monthly, have bought a lot of H'Bundle packages, and have literally several hundred other Steam games, most of which are tiny indie things, and most of which aren't controller-compatible. (Hidden Object games do not use a controller.) But I have a lot. A lot a lot. Enough that I don't want to wade through them one at a time, trying to find that magic combination of "fun for me" and "good for learning new hardware."

What I'm Looking For: Total spend of under $20 in "controller training" games; lower limit is 0, because there's a good chance I've already got several good games and just don't know what they are. Must either be very forgiving of mistakes or fun enough that I don't care. (Genital Jousting is both fun & forgiving, but so nonstandard that I can't use it for controller training.)

Likes: Pretty artwork, mellow music, fantasy-esque settings, and low/non-combat storylines. Open world exploration. Interesting lore. Puzzles. Those aren't absolutely required, but it'd be wonderful if something had all of those.
Dislikes: Horror/gore (although I liked Fran Bow; maybe it's just the standard color scheme I dislike), most pixel art (most of GOG's catalog, anything RPGMaker), most shooting-based combat. (Most combat, actually.)

TL;DR SKIP ALL THAT - Short Version
I'm looking for cheap, good-for-beginner controller-using PC games, probably via Steam but not necessarily, in the following categories:
  • Puzzle Platformer
  • Top-Down Roguelike
  • Action Platformer (probably, sigh)
  • Action MMO/MMORPG
  • 3d Action Adventure
  • Possibly others I haven't thought of
I have a controller. (Xbox 360, wired.) I want to get competent with it. Between the huge number of games I've never even installed, and Steam's Summer Sale, there are a lot of options. Where do I start?
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Posted by I_Love_Bananas

After a couple of weeks in the online dating world, I'm pretty disheartened. It just moves too fast. No one wants to invest quality time in written communication. What's a sapiosexual to do?

"JOE checked out your profile!"
"You have a message from JOE!"
"Nice smile. How about drinks?"

Is this the new normal?

Maybe men have so little to lose, they can do lots of "tester dates" right off the bat from women met on dating sites, and not have it affect them much. But for me, each one is pretty stressful. I am not going to go through all that preparation and yes, risk, for someone I have so little knowledge of. Maybe men just don't realize that women can't be so cavalier about it (especially women of a certain age who are re-entering the dating world with no small measure of trepidation, since we are, well, of a certain age). I've already felt pressured to meet up before I was ready, and felt kind of dismissed for wanting to continue the online conversation after the first exchange of 2 or 3 messages. When I feel pressured, it makes me wonder, what's the big rush?Why are you in such a hurry to get me onto a barstool, Joe?

I have to know how someone uses the written word. For me, that reveals volumes about how they think and whether I will want to get to know them better. Nothing's sexier than a smart, witty man with a command of the language. I'd almost rather an essay from prospective dates than a photo. (OK, not really truly, but you get the idea.) Taking the time to write back-and-forth also helps reassure me that the guy is not scamming me. Already, in such a short time, you'd be amazed at how many approaches turned out to be fake/scams etc. I want to find legit people who are who they say they are, and aren't afraid to share some quality words with me.

I guess what I want to know, from those who maybe have more experience in this realm than I do, is my outlook even appropriate nowadays? Is the desire for more up-front emailing/messaging/written communication just not how it's done any more?


Jun. 24th, 2017 04:42 pm
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You guuuyyyysssss, dis4daria on Tumblr made fanart for two of my Guardians of the Galaxy fics, and it is ADORABLE and AMAZING and breaks my heart and put it back together again, and I can't stop gazing at it.


(Her baby Yondu -- yes, I wrote a fic with a small child version of Yondu in it, HUSH -- is the cutest thing I have ever seen. THE ENORMOUS RED EYES!)
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Posted by ManInSuit

We're trying to find the best way for the two of us and our toddler to get to and from a wedding in LA (we are staying around Chinatown, wedding is downtown). Taxi? Ride share? Something else?

We are visting LA with our son, a little over two years old.

The three of us are going to a wedding tonight. We'd like to take a rideshare (uber/lyft/whatever?) so that we can get there quickly and easily, not stress about parking, and be able to drink at the wedding.

What's the best way to do this?

From what I can see, car-seat laws mean it's not legal to get into an uber or lyft with a toddler, since they usually won't have a car seat, and there's not way (I don't think?) to request a car with a car seat.

Where we come from (Toronto), it's legal to get into a taxi with toddler without a car seat (since taxis are considered public transit). Not sure if that's true in LA. Also not sure what the best way is to get a cab here if it is true.

So what's the best way for us to get there and back?

- Is there a ride-share that offers car seats?

- Can we take a taxi? If so, what is the best way to do it?

- Is there some other option we are not thinking of?

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Posted by (@AO3_Status)

Archive appears to be back! We're still looking into the cause of this downtime, but you should be safe to click on the next chapter now. 👍

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Posted by skycrashesdown

I want to buy a bunch of pairs of cotton underwear that are as close as possible to the nylon/polyester/spandex underwear I currently have, and this is proving annoyingly difficult.

Earlier this year I replaced almost all of my underwear with these nylon/polyester/spandex panties by Flirtitude from JC Penney. I recently had my first yeast infection (oh joy) and figured maybe I should buy a bunch of cotton underwear instead/as well. The pairs I have don't have a cotton gusset, and, weirdly, the adhesive from pads when I'm on my period doesn't stick to the fabric very well either.

What I like about my current underwear: seamless, so they are nice and smooth under clothes; the waistband and leg bands don't dig in; fit nicely (I'm a size XL in this brand) and retain their stretch throughout the day; cute patterns and colors; cheap!

I know that cotton underwear isn't going to have the nice stretchiness and ability to retain their shape that my current underwear has, but I'd like to get as close as possible. I'd also like to be able to buy a bunch of them, including several black pairs. Cute patterns/colors are a bonus at this point. I've been looking on Amazon and get overwhelmed by choices (and I have a tendency to let a few bad reviews of an otherwise well reviewed product talk me out of ordering them). Happy to order online, or go to a store; I'm in Seattle. Thanks!

Ceramic/China repair in Austin?

Jun. 24th, 2017 08:39 pm
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Posted by theRussian

Looking for someone to repair a plate in Austin, TX.

I have a plate that is of sentimental value to me that is broken into two pieces (nearly in half) I would like to have it restored if possible. I don't know what the actual material is (it's white).

I'm not planning to put into heavy rotation, as it's part of a tea set and I don't have many tea parties, but it would be nice to have the full set again. Anyone know someone in Austin that could do this work? In fact, I wouldn't mind if it was done in Kintsugi style with a visible repair. My googling is proving fruitless.

Thanks in advance!

Amazon's Dystopia As A Service

Jun. 24th, 2017 08:47 pm
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Posted by Foci for Analysis

Amazon's vision for the future are these gigantic drone beehives that look like they are trapping humans in buildings like in a old school platformer. For a 10x horror multiplier, check out the plant-like fronds on the drones.

good? bad? who knows?

Jun. 24th, 2017 04:24 pm
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It's been a day and it hasn't stopped.

There are two farmers markets locally that we go to; the SU goes to the one by the railroad tracks with the good meats, and I sometimes go to the one downtown (locally, not DC), which has good veggies and fruit. I got ready to go to that one today. I got less than a mile away when my stomach said, loudly, "I don't feel well. I may give you back what you've eaten if you keep going."

What could I do? I took the next cross-street, which is a fairly direct route home, and came home and took something to settle the stomach, which continued to grumble.

I had put down my glasses for some reason; when I picked them up, one side piece fell off, behind the hinge. We went to Kaiser; no, they couldn't fix it, but they recommended a shop some distance away that was going to close in about 90 minutes. It took half an hour to get there, but we did. The cost isn't bad -- $65 is a lot better than ordering new glasses and going without for two weeks because the old ones hurt to wear -- and I can pick them up Monday.

The guy who does the repair also does lenses, replacement and new prescriptions, and I may take my very old Bausch & Lomb sunglasses there to get polarized lenses for them, or maybe even the distance half of my prescription so I can use them in situations where I'm at an angle to the sun that puts light on the *back* of the glass (which means I see the glass surface or dust or smears and not through the glass).

So, I can't drive till Monday after we pick the repaired glasses up, since I need them to drive (legally). I was going to get tickets for a local play - I know one of the actors - but the computer glitched on me and blew the sale, and I'm too frustrated, so it will be next weekend.

(I am very glad that I did not agree to be in the Second Life fundraising event today -- which took place about the same time we were driving along the six-lane looking for the address for the glasses repair place.)
(Oh, yeah, I got locked out of my credit union account on Thursday -- their new 'security system' sent my passcode slower than their time limit for entering the passcode, so I had to repeat the process, and then it said that was the wrong passcode... I got in this morning, no problem.)

And I discovered one of the two soprano coyotes -- it's the collie that belongs to what must be new people in the house behind us (none of the people look familiar and the others had a beagle.) It was listening for the *real* coyote in the park and singing replies. The baritone coyote is still out there being a coyote somewhere, I suspect.

But the contractor who bid on the masonry work we need looks very good and we said yes. And the garlic and onions I planted seem to be doing fairly well; I need to trim back lemon balm from shading the garlic, but that's all.

So the world is slightly fuzzy around the edges, but it's not that bad.

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