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Looking at an array of emerging CMS options for small to medium-sized websites that are easy to deploy and maintain - particularly alternatives to wordpress, drupal etc.

Liking features of all the following:

Jekyll - https://jekyllrb.com/

Hugo - https://gohugo.io/

Forestry - https://forestry.io/

Site Leaf - https://www.siteleaf.com/

Kirby - https://getkirby.com/

Craft - https://craftcms.com/

Lines - http://lines.opoloo.com/

If you have experience w any of the above and pros and cons to share, or quality alternatives - please do.
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It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…

1. How many doctor’s appointments are too many?

How many doctor’s appointments are too many? I’m a salaried employee at a casual, tech-style agency. While I’m generally healthy, I did have cancer as a baby (don’t worry, I’m fine now!) and thus I don’t shy away from preemptive care in addition to regular check ups.

There have not been any concerns about my performance, I always get my work done, and we have unlimited sick leave but I sometimes feel like I may be scheduling too many appointments compared to the rest of my team. I see a therapist once a month. I have a slew of annual appointments (dental, well check, etc.) that are all scheduled individually. I’m a runner so occasionally I see a sports doctor about injuries. I go in waves of seeing a dermatologist about stubborn adult acne. Every now and then, I like to get my hair cut and colored and there are almost never weekend appointments available. I’ve even moved appointments around to accommodate meetings that pop up when I can, but I can’t always predict when I’ll need to see a doctor.

In a good month, it might just be one or even none. A bad month could be three or four. I had four in January, none in February, but already three in May (all of my annual appointments fall in the spring). I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll always spend more time in doctors’ offices than the average person but I don’t want my team to get the wrong idea.

I don’t think that I should have to disclose my extensive medical history to anyone — especially since I’m technically healthy now — and I do my best to schedule appointments in the early mornings/later afternoons to mitigate the time I’m away from the office. I always block off my calendar ahead of time. No one has said anything to me about it but I still feel awkward. This is my first job out of school and I’ve been here for three years with a great record. I worry that people think I’m out interviewing all the time which just isn’t true!

Yeah, it sounds on the high side compared to most people, but not outrageously so if you’re able to manage your own schedule and arrange things so that it doesn’t impact your work. (There are offices where this would be enough out of the norm that I’d urge you not to do the hair stuff during the work day, but if no one has said anything to you about it and you’re not noticing weirdness from your manager about it, this probably isn’t one of them. But in your next job, get a read on the culture in this regard since it can vary from office to office.)

In any case, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to give your manager some context in case she starts wondering if something is going on — but that doesn’t mean that you need to share details. You could just say something like, “Hey, I wanted to mention that I have a couple of recurring medical appointments, sometimes monthly, sometimes a few times a month. I always make sure they’re not impacting my work, but I didn’t want you to wonder or worry if you noticed. And it’s nothing serious — just some stuff I have to take care of.”

2. I’m nervous about mentoring a smart intern

My boss has asked me to mentor a college-level junior for the summer. The guidelines I got were to make half the experience valuable to her (the mentee) and half valuable to us (the team, i.e. have her do some real work).

He sent me the information on the student and it’s obvious that she is much smarter than me, at least from a class work standpoint. She has studied things I’ve only thought about.

I’m a bit nervous at approaching this task. I really want it to be a good one for the student and the team!

She may or may not be smarter than you (although the fact that she’s studied subjects you haven’t studied doesn’t indicate that!), but you have work experience that she doesn’t have, and that’s what’s most relevant when she’s interning with you.

When she starts, talk to her about what she’s hoping to gain from the internship, and then think about ways you/your organization might be able to provide that. (That could include anything from particular types of projects to sitting in on relevant meetings to connecting her with people who do the type of work she’s interested in.) You might also talk to people in your organization who have managed interns in the past and find out what worked and what didn’t. Use your boss as a resource too — he may have input on what sorts of projects it makes sense to give her.

But really, she’s interning because she wants work experience and she wants to learn. It’s very unlikely that she’s going to be thinking about who’s smarter than who (and if she did, that would be a weird posture for an intern to take).

3. The pregnancy pause

Have you seen this? What’s your take? 

Excerpt: “Motherhood shouldn’t have to be defended in a job interview, says the agency, but moms are often dismissed by potential employers because of the gaps in their resumes. To help remedy the problem, the agency is introducing ‘The Pregnancy Pause,’ an effort that gives job-hunting moms an easy way to treat time taken away from the office to raise a child like any other full-time job. […] Hiring managers that call ‘The Pregnancy Pause’ number will hear the pre-recorded greeting: ‘Hello, you have reached The Pregnancy Pause. You must be calling about a candidate’s resume that has mentioned her time spent here. While here, she spent innumerable hours raising a child, which has surely offered her invaluable experience as a prospective employee. Visit our website ThePregnancyPause.org to learn more, and remember, maternity leave is a full-time job.’”

Nooooo, that’s really not useful to job seekers. First, they want you to list it on your resume as if you worked there, which is deceptive and really not going to go over with employers once they realize what you’ve done.

Second, that recorded message is awful. Claiming that parenting is “invaluable experience as a prospective employee” is going to generate eye rolls, not respect. It’s not that parenting isn’t important and challenging — of course it is — but it’s not professional work or job experience, which is what your resume is for, and it’s not the same as being held accountable for results to people outside of your family. This “service” is doing a disservice to the people it’s purporting to help.

This is a classic case of good intentions and terrible execution.

4. Is this contest unfair?

I generally like my job. I do! My manager is a very good boss, supportive and fair most of the time. But this, I think, is not fair: We share writing blog posts. Our marketing manager has posted a contest saying that whoever can increase their post count by the greatest percentage by the end of next month will win a $50 gift card.

I have five blog posts so far. The person who has the least has two. The others are somewhat in the middle.

We’re a small team to begin with. I think he’s trying to motivate those that haven’t contributed as much to step up their game next month, but I can’t help but feel punished for being prolific. What do you think? Is this a clever way to motivate those who do not contribute or a way to alienate those who do?

Yeah, you’re right that you’re at a disadvantage in winning the prize since you’d have to write more posts that your coworkers would to win the prize. Maybe you could suggest that it be calculated not on percentage increase but on numerical increase.

If they don’t go for that, though, and if this disparity between you and your coworkers is the usual state of things, consider this part of what makes you excel at your job and incorporate it the next time you’re asking for a raise.

5. I’m going to be away for my intern’s whole first week

I have recently hired a summer intern (John) who is scheduled to start his first day in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I’ve just received news of a death in the family, and the funeral is scheduled the same week that John is starting. I will need to be out that entire week, as the funeral is in another country (where my partner is from and where most of my partner’s family still remains).

What do I do with regard to John? Do I try to push back his start date by a week? Do I have him start even though I won’t be there and see if someone else on my team can act as his “welcoming committee”? I’m concerned that if I keep his start date the same, he could have a poor first impression/experience, with limited direction or resources if he has questions, and a sense that he isn’t a valued member of the team. I’m also concerned that others on my team might feel put upon, since I’m really the only one on the team who does what I do and they probably wouldn’t have much work to give John. However, I’m afraid that if I push his start date back, he’ll be out of a week’s pay, and perhaps he is counting on that to cover living and other expenses for the summer. I’m hoping you and your readers can give me some guidance on the best path forward.

Why not give him the choice? You could explain the situation and say something like, “Would you like to push your start date back by one week, to (date)? Or alternatively, if you’d rather not do that, we can stick to your original start date, with the caveat that the first week will be a bit slow since I won’t be there. I can someone else here act as your point person while I’m away, but I want to be transparent with you that you won’t get as much guidance that week as you will once I’m back. But either option is absolutely fine — is there one you’d prefer over the other?”

You may find he doesn’t care about the missed pay, or that he cares very much. But rather than making the choice for him, let him make it!

how many doctor’s appointments are too many, nervous about mentoring a smart intern, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

A Zodiacal Sky over Horseshoe Bend

May. 23rd, 2017 04:42 am
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What's causing the unusual ray of white light extending upward from the central horizon? What's causing the unusual ray of white light extending upward from the central horizon?

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Met a boy. FWB ensued, chatting every day, spending time together often. Fell for the boy. Asked if we could date. Boy says I'm 'good enough' but 'not right' for him to date. Still wants to talk to me every day. I want to believe I can move past the awkwardness and pain and foster an honest friendship. A small part wants to believe maybe I'll be 'right' someday, especially if I stick around. This sucks, this hurts. Where do I go from here?

We're both still ridiculously sexually attracted to each other. I'm usually so careful with my feelings, and haven't felt like this for someone in a few years. I'm surprised I fell for him. I'm even more suprised he doesn't feel the same, because all the signs were there, and I wouldn't have said a word or entertained the idea if I didn't see the smoke from the fire. An emotionally intimate connection has been confirmed (in as many words) by us both. But I have to believe what he says, which is that I'm 'not right', as painful as that is. I'm no stranger to the FWB situation, and have been successful with having short term repeated sexual partners, not catching feelings, and then happily parting ways. I'm in my late 20s, and I've had unrequited feelings/dead-end crushes for at least a couple of men in my life. Usually when I tell them and they're not interested, even if they want to sleep with me, they fade away. I don't know how to deal with someone who actively wants to talk to me every day, says losing my 'chat' is worse than not being able to sleep with me, says they care about my wellbeing, wants to be in my life, but says they don't feel the same and they don't want to date me.

To make matters worse, it's definitely the big L that I feel for him. I know the taste of only infatuation, just lust, admiration, and fantasy crush. Though it's only been present maybe twice ever in my life, this smells/feels/tastes/tingles like Love. But horribly unrequited.

I really don't know how or what to do with this. Can someone help?

Can you identify these songs?

May. 23rd, 2017 03:56 am
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Posted by Panthalassa

I'm really into this mixtape, but there's no accompanying tracklist and messaging its creator hasn't produced any results. Song-matching services have been helpful, but I still can't identify the songs at 0:00, 3:46, 7:38, 38:08 and 47:33. Can you help?

Here's the full tracklist (pieced together with the help of song-matching services) for those interested:

5:11Glass - Sagittarius
11:08Place I Know/Kid Like You - Arthur Russell
14:37Future Primitive (The Go! Team Remix) - Papercuts
17:37Haenim - Kim Jung Mi
23:43Want You To Know - Rotary Connection
26:45Fleur de lune - Françoise Hardy
29:48Down Narrow Streets - Mark Fry
32:42Final - Alternate Version (From "C'era una Volta") - Piero Piccioni
34:31Kobwebz - Gonjasufi
36:30?Yagmur - Erkin Koray
41:04The Best of It - Thorinshield
43:29Track Five - The Gaslamp Killer
50:24Here's Where You Belong - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
53:08Meu Nome E Gal - Gal Costa
56:32Manchester - Justin Velor
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--I updated [tumblr.com profile] jinksyandthebrain for the first time in a couple of months. Have some pics [dreamwidth.org profile] seolh took in March. (I especially love the three of Jinksy!bear sprawled on his back on the sofa. The belly is not a trap.)

--I promise not to get in the habit of signal boosting lots of [dreamwidth.org profile] aftertheendtimes posts over here, but [dreamwidth.org profile] cantarina is trying to gauge interest in a fanworks exchange covering all of [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's worlds.

--[dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose, Ginny, Kas, and I went to Happy Veal for lunch, and we're forced to conclude that while the food ranges from "tasty" to "AMAZING" (hello, green onion pancakes), the service is just always either mediocre or awful, so we're always going to have to calculate if we're up for dealing with that. TL;DR, the food arrived SLOWLY. No, more slowly than that ) And yet I can't swear off the place. The green onion pancakes are so good I could cry.

--Garden: [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose dug out the rough shape of the flowerbed, and it looks like getting that ready will be trickier than we'd hoped. OTOH, transplanting our six tiny Lemon Boy tomato seedlings into their interim pots was quick and simple. And in between those things, when Kas and Ginny dropped me and [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose off, they came in to borrow a spade and see the breathtaking new openness of our small back yard. Ginny got a look at Neighbor L's dandelion ripper, and then [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose brought our shiny new one out...and Ginny proceeded to spend something like half an hour, in her Fluevogs and cute dress, merrily massacring dandelions for the sheer delight of using the thing.

It's remarkably satisfying. [/understatement]

miscellanea (brain-dump)

May. 23rd, 2017 03:52 pm
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하나. I can't remember who recced Helenish's Die Hard fic, Pre-Existing Condition, but kudos for the rec. It was delicious!

둘. Over the weekend I signed up to asianfanfics.com so I could crosspost my three or four Kdrama fics, but I'm too self-conscious to actually do it, and I don't properly understand their tagging system (that new-fangled x thing instead of slashes?), and I feel like it's full of strangers (which is true of AO3 too, of course, but I'm used to that), and what am I even dooooooooing?

New platforms are hard.

셋. Current Kdramas: Goblin (cont.); Witch's Romance (rewatch); Dal Ja's Spring; and for my solo watch, a confusing mix of The K2, My Girl, and Imaginary Cat, all of which I've started, none of which I've got more than an ep and a half into, all of which I intend to watch more of. I'm usually a "one show at a time until I'm done" solo-watcher, so this is kind of throwing me.

넷. Plus I'm trying to catch up with [personal profile] wc_rewatch, having missed a few episodes. (I'm definitely skipping 3.05, but on the fence about whether to give 3.06 and 3.07 another go now that my attitude to Sara has changed. Given I've already recapped the entirety of season 3 in elaborate detail, 3.08 was more fun to revisit than I expected (CLINTON!), but 3.03 was still blah. I much prefer a Neal who at least has an inkling that he can't have the things he repeatedly says he wants unless he rehabilitates himself and STOPS BETRAYING HIS FRIENDS. :-P)

다섯. I'm still using Windows 7 (adapted to look as much like Windows Classic as possible), and in the wake of the recent ransomware and hacking events, the general tone of the internet is "If you're using Win7, how are you still alive?" Since my kneejerk reaction to the free Win10 upgrade last year was a strong Do Not Want, I'm now considering switching to Ubuntu instead.

(Why is it that learning a whole new thing is less irritating than adapting to a new version of an old, very well-known thing? Actually, I know the answer to that: it's the problem of changing ingrained procedural memories.)

Anyway. I'm making a list of Things I Do On My Computer, but if anyone has any Ubuntu advice or suggestions, please please please. Particular areas of uncertainty: a simple alternative to iTunes that lets me load stuff onto iPods; vidding software recs (something similar to Sony Vegas would be fantastic; hey, if it handles new file formats, I might even get back into vidding)...

...and, yeah, here's why I'm hesitating: because I just looked up FileZilla for Linux and it said, Built for Debian 8.0 (Jessie). It is highly recommended to use the package management system of your distribution or to manually compile FileZilla if you are running a different flavour of Linux. Oh god, I have no idea...

Okay, wikipedia says Ubuntu is Debian-based. *breathes again* But still. Is there an Ubuntu-for-Dummies Dreamwidth comm anywhere?

여섯. I'm going ahead with the [community profile] nanodownunder comm, even if it's just a handful of us. Daily check-ins for June. Locked posts, no frills, very little modding (unless someone else wants to take on the social side of modding duties). Pretty much modelled on [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo, which sadly doesn't seem to be running mid-year this year. Who's in? Join the comm -- and feel free to spread the word.

We'll kick off 1 June, NZ time. :-)
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12 Monkeys: How to write a season finale with a brilliant and unexpected twist that adds layers to character and reinforces your ongoing themes and leaves your fandom going “Whhhaaaaaa.....?

spoilers )

Into the Badlands: How to write a season finale with a twist guaranteed to piss off the majority of your fanbase, displays bad and lazy writing, and tosses themes that you get praised for and season long character arcs into the garbage for shock value, leaving your fandom going “WTF HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE.”

spoilers )
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Posted by Naib

I am trying to qualify a brazing procedure to ASME standards which require less than 20% unbrazed surface. However, the tests I've been sending to the lab are all showing voids. I am at a total loss as to how I can correct this and get my procedure passed.

I am brazing copper ACR tubing, 1-1/8" OD, in copper fittings. I am using Silphos-15. The only position I am having trouble qualifying is vertical upflow. My joint preparation procedure is: grit cloth to remove oxidization, wire brush the fitting, wipe all with alcohol to remove grease and oil. Fit together, braze. I am bringing the whole assembly up to light red/orange and trying to keep the whole joint hot. I have used a half a rod per joint; I have also used the minimum required to flow around the joint. My test results from the laboratory all seem the same. Is there something simple I am missing? I am licensed and have attended school for HVAC work, I am fairly familiar with the process but I don't get much field experience - maybe once or twice a year. I have run dozens of samples of this joint and it's getting expensive.

"Polka dot" stain on light garments?

May. 23rd, 2017 12:44 am
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Posted by Countess Elena

How did I get a gray dot stain pattern, and can it come off at all?

For the second time, I've found a gray stain pattern of dots on a light-colored piece of fabric. Here's as good a picture as I can get of it.

Presumably it's from the washer or dryer. Can it be fixed? That picture is of a cozy nightgown so I don't much mind it, and it's gone through several washes since I noticed it. But now I've gotten it on a nice white cardigan that shouldn't have been in the dryer at all -- it got in by accident -- and I hate to think it's ruined. (It's too pale to photograph, but you can see it.)
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Posted by snsranch

Please help me modify "cogito ergo sum" to use as the title of a sci-fi short story.

Some of the characters in my story are not human but believe that they are and have intellectual and emotional "proof"!

For the title, I'm thinking about "I Think Therefore I am Human" or "I Feel Therefore I am Human." In Latin, of course.

I'm looking for translations of those and any play on words that have the same or similar meanings. Please have fun and include any ideas you might have!

The protagonist will definitely have a Roy Batty moment and he may or may not use this phrase during that spiel.

Yes, I could just google it, BUT, I can speak a little Spanish and Italian so I know I can't just throw some latin words around and expect them to be perfect and I need perfection!

Many thanks in advance!
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Posted by Alterscape

I need to take a domestic flight tomorrow morning with a Pelican 1510 case (carry-on roller bag dimensions) and two 30" light stands (think tripod, but taller and skinnier). I don't have a bag that fits the light stands. What is the easiest/safest/least-likely-to-get-broken-or-stolen way to make this happen?

I'm traveling to a conference and at the last minute was asked to bring a VR demo. I packed the HMD and support equipment in the Pelican 1510, but the smallest stands I have for the tracking equipment are a pair of 30" long light stands.

I'm on Alaska, so I will have to pay $25/ea for checked items.

In theory I'd like to attach the light stands to the side or top of the Pelican in such a way that they won't shift around too much and fall off, but also such that the Pelican can be opened for TSA inspection, and closed again in reasonably similar condition.

I could also just ziptie + packing tape the tripods into a blob and check them as an odd-sized item, but that's suboptimal for obvious reasons (least of all that I have to carry extra tape and zip ties to re-zip everything for transit again after the show).

Is there any (cheap) carry pouch or duffel bag or something of that size I could reasonably get my hands on after business hours in LA? I'm tempted to run to an athletic store but a ski bag would be excessive and expensive, and these crappy light stands aren't worth paying for an actual tripod bag.

Should I take in my boyfriends cats?

May. 22nd, 2017 11:01 pm
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Posted by anon1129

I recently moved out of my parents home for the first time and into an apartment on my own. I've been looking at getting a cat and have been very excited to adopt. My boyfriend has 2 cats that he needs to find a home for, and asked me if I could watch them, indefinitely basically. What should I do?

We are both 24. We used to date when we were 15 for 9 months, then I broke up with him, totally regretted it, he moved on, but apparently always regretted not taking me back and always missed me and even talked about me to his friend still. He messaged me on Facebook almost 3 months ago asking how I was, we talked then met up, hit it off, hung out a lot and the feelings came back and now we're dating officially again. Things are going really well.

I just moved out of my dads for the first time a month ago. I've been wanting a cat. My boyfriend actually lives 2 hours away where he was at school, but is moving back to our hometown where I am in with his parents for the time being (he decided to move back right before we started talking again). He plans to move in July or august. His dad is allergic to cats, and so he can't bring them there, but asked me today over text if I would be able to watch them but that it is fine if I can't.

I like his cats. But I was really excited to pick out and name my own cat and bond with it as their sole owner. And I was fine with just one cat. But it seems silly also, as his cats need a home and I'd like a cat.. But if anything ever went south with us I would be upset probably to lose the cats. Also, there is a $300 fee plus $20 monthly pet rent for each animal. He doesn't really have any other close friends in our home town to ask to take them. My mom thinks he should have offered to pay the pet deposit, I don't know though and think it could be awkward to ask.

I'm not sure how to navigate this. I do have anxiety around relationships in general and am probably over thinking.

A Continuous Shape

May. 22nd, 2017 11:10 pm
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Posted by not_the_water

Filmmakers Jack Webber and Tommaso Di Paola spent 3 weeks working alongside Anna Rubincam, a contemporary stone carver working in London, as she carved a portrait from start to finish.

More of Rubincam's work: Blindfolded Woman front rear (portland stone), Old Hero (verde ardesie marble), Monkey Gargoyle (bath stone) , Portrait of Queen Victoria (Bath Stone).
via kottke


May. 22nd, 2017 11:00 pm
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Posted by mugumogu


Maru made a pass at Hana who took a rest again.




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