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A week late, but here we go with the catch-up edition of the meme.

[personal profile] quarter_to_five asked for: Fringe vs. Person of Interest

Huh. I'm not sure what angle to tackle this from! But I'll ramble on and see what happens.

I was intrigued by Fringe from the original ads, and watched the first few eps live, but I think I drifted away for a bit. Partly things weren't quite grabbing me hard enough, and partly I stopped trusting JJ Abrams shows after Alias; he loves mysteries but hates answers, and that's frustrating to me. But by mid-season I was back and caught up, and never left again; by the end of first season, I was actively pimping people into the show. Some of the things that really upset a lot of the fanbase in the last season or two didn't bother me; I was along for the ride without any real qualms. It was one of those shows where I watched pretty religiously but didn't really go looking for fanac, beyond enjoying vids at Vividcon, and I didn't pay that much attention to what other people were saying about it.

In a lot of ways, I reacted to it the way I did Farscape several years earlier; I was in it for the mindfuck and the sheer sense of "this is SF, and we can do whatever the hell we want to". Hedgehog man? Sure! Time-traveling bald aliens in hats? Sure! FBI agent all mpregged up with worms? Sure! A cow hanging out in a lab where homemade LSD was being created next to genetic experimentation next to a window into an alternate universe? SURE! \o/

I was absolutely terrible at keeping track of things except in the moment; I was hugely impressed at people who were writing in the different universes, or crossing the different universes, because my brain was basically just stuck on "wheeee!"

Person of Interest was different; the few ads I saw before it aired didn't particularly interest me, and I never even turned it on. Then partway through first season, [personal profile] dorinda came to town for a visit with a fistful of eps (having recently been pimped in by [personal profile] sakana17, and by the time she left a few days later, [personal profile] mollyamory, [personal profile] therienne, and I were all completely hooked. For the first time in years, I wanted everything with this one: more canon, all the fic, vids, art, gimme gimme GIMME. (Not that I've managed to catch up with everything, or keep up as things have gone along, mind you.)

About the only thing it has in common with Fringe is that it has SF elements; it approaches them very differently, with no real sense of gleeful abandon. More of a wary paranoid protectionism. *g*

It's -- huh. Huh.

Fringe had that gleeful abandon in the possibilities it was willing to explore and was full of people being heroes, but really was dystopic; universes crashing together, thousands people dying horribly, really just vast amounts of misery, and nothing anyone did made a difference, except to make things demonstrably worse, at least for someone, somewhere, right down the line. (Which is why I still think they got the finale wrong, but hey.) It was all sort of summed up by Walter at the heart of it all, singing and dancing in delight but so incredibly, incredibly broken at his core.

POI is way more dystopian on the face of it, with the sociopathic spies and the brutal government agencies and the secrecy and the spying and seriously, but the heart of it, to me, is people learning to trust and love each other, creating families out of (often self-imposed) isolation, learning to look past the grimdark world and find a little comfort and humanity. Trying to make things better almost always works, if only in small ways (and small ways are almost the only way it works -- Finch already knows that trying to save the world will only make it worse).

I think, with Fringe, I watched to see what would happen next; I was in it for the characters, sure, but also hugely for the universe itself, and all the weirdnesses therein. And the multiple versions of the characters, of course -- ye gods, but Anna Torv and John Noble are good at that. But I never got personally invested in the other versions, particularly. As the show got increasingly convoluted and started eating its own tail a bit, I was a distant enough observer that I could ride it out, just sorta fascinated to see where it went.

With POI, I watch for the characters and their relationships, and "what happens next" is basically just the framework within which those relationships develop for me. I don't sit back and go "wheee!", I lean forward and go "omg he *tapped the eggs benedict on the menu*!" and "oh he's so upset that the phone went dead!" and "holy crap, that was a complicated emotional eyeroll! From JOHN! eeee"" and "omg WASHING BEAR TOGETHER" and the like. And I am super-invested in these characters, which is making the current part of the current season kinda dicey for me, where if this season's POI events had happened in Fringe, I would have sailed right past them, I think. (I'm sort of... rowing past them, in POI. It's a lot more effort and my shoulders hurt and there are blisters involved and ow. But I'm moving.)

Okay, that was really interesting to sort out in my head. Very cool question!


Full list here, with a few spots still open!
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To keep myself busy and online so I don't forget to register, I wrote up the world's longest, rambliest post. \o/ There are spoilers for practically everything here...

I'm settled in for a nice snowy weekend -- lots of cat food, plenty of people food, clean laundry, and a good parking spot. (... I'm a little compulsive about parking spots in bad weather, after 20 years of unassigned street parking in a neighborhood where snow emergencies mean there are too many cars vying for juuuust too few spots, especially given how many people don't know how to shovel, argh, so we wind up losing potential spots to crappy shoveling jobs. But I digress.)

This is going to be much better than last weekend's 27 inches in 24 hours; it'll be more like 4-ish inches in 24 hours, just enough so I can indulge my hermit-y ways and not budge till I have to go to work on Tuesday.

My only concrete plan for today is to sign up for Vividcon, yay! I can't believe it's already time again. All my fannish plans keep winding up on the backburner, but at least maybe this will kick the vidding in the butt, because if reg is here, deadlines are nearly upon us.

I've grabbed a bunch of tv that I probably won't have time to watch, but it looks interesting enough that maybe I'll give it a try at some point, like The Americans and Cracked. I'm banking them for the moment, for some day I'm looking for something new to watch and can marathon through.

I've been watching a bunch of other stuff, though. A couple I've only seen the pilot for so far:

Zero Hour )

The Following )

And then there were the shows that ended recently:

Leverage )

Fringe )

Alphas )

And then, of course, there are the shows that are currently airing and ongoing. Anyone else remember how, 15 years ago, we used to fret every year that this year would be the last year of fannish tv? How we hung on cancellation news, because if X got cancelled, what would we watch?

I kinda miss those days, to tell you the truth. How is there this much tv all the damn time? I feel like I never talk about any of it, because I'm always racing to catch up to just watching it. And for all that I tend to really like the summer shows, man, I miss having a few months every year to catch up on stuff I missed, or rewatch things, or get involved in complicated discussions about What! Might! Happen! (... with other unspoiled people, because for me the fun is guessing, not knowing in advance).

So instead, have a bunch of brief overall reactions to shows, with only a little specific commentary, just so people have some idea of what it is I'm watching these days:

Person of Interest )

Elementary )

Lewis )

Once Upon a Time )

White Collar )

Revenge )

Shows that I'm waiting to come back:

Grimm )

Burn Notice )

Haven )

I know as soon as I post this I'll come up with another half dozen shows I meant to mention. Oh well.

I would write about the reality tv I'm watching, but this is already an absurdly long post. Suffice to say, my favorite shows -- Amazing Race, Project Runway, Top Chef -- still have me, but I'm burning out from overload, and less invested every season. All three shows have had aired four complete seasons since December 2010, and all three are in or about to start another season. I hate to give any of them up for completist reasons, but man. I am just burning out.
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I have watched no tv in days and days, because this weekend is the Club Vivid deadline, hahahaha omg. So now it's not just vidding every weekend, it's vidding every night, until it's done or we kill each other, whichever comes first. (We're not at a killing place, but we haven't hit the point of trying to export VVC-ready files using our new software, or checking the vid on a tv and freaking out over the suddenly awful aspect ratios yet, either. So "finish or die" is still a tossup, really. Sunday's gonna be fun.)

But I must interrupt this tv-free vid farr to say:

YAY fifth season for Fringe!!

I was crossing my fingers that the lure of easy syndication would win out over poor ratings. It's only a 13-ep season, but honestly I think that's perfect; they can hone it all right down without worrying about any filler. Woot!
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I completely failed to get this posted last week as planned, but at least there's only been one new episode of anything since then thanks to March Madness. So here are some sort of random observations/reactions to some of the shows I'm watching (assume spoilers through current episodes, although I've cut put nested cut tags for specific recent spoilers):

Fringe )

Once Upon a Time )

Grimm )

Lost Girl )

I think that's it for currently airing SFF. I'm waiting for a couple others to come back for a new season (fingers crossed).

Haven )

Alphas )

Whew. I've probably forgotten half a dozen shows, but this is quite long enough.

(edited to fix cut tags argh why can't you see those on preview!)
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There are a bunch of things I keep meaning to post about (Venture Bros, omg that second to last ep was so good! Burn Notice is back! [although I haven't watched this week's ep yet so please don't spoil me *g*] Fringe! [also haven't watched this week's ep, so please don't spoil that one either, sorry!] Yuletide signups are almost live! AO3 NOW ALLOWS VID EMBEDS OMG!!! - and, you know, has shinier code in general, and tons more Yuletide stuff, but omg VID EMBEDS! Permanent URLs even if your hosting changes! YAY!!)

But the thing that causes me to actually finish a draft for once is this:

cut for image )

\o/ GO HEIDI! She looks fabulous, and as Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay put it:

"Ahem. As we recall, a certain Ms. Garcia threw down the gauntlet during the Project Runway Season 8 finale judging session with a derisive "I'd like to see you wear that dress, Klum."

Why, kittens. We do believe Miss Heidi Klum just gave Miss Nina Garcia the finger, figuratively (and fashionably) speaking."


Now let's see if Nina actually wears Gretchen's godawful knit-granny-panties and hideous shiny green leather jacket combo.

There are more pics at the link - Heidi is totally showing that dress off, and looking very happy about it, too. Yay for Mondo!

(Icon totally aimed at Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, not Heidi. <3)

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