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I had given myself an amnesty for posting today, on accounta too tired and no time to do anything (seriously, all I've accomplished all night is to heat up a frozen dinner -- twice, because I forgot to eat it -- and watch SHIELD through bleary eyes).

But then I was scrolling back through my reading list before heading off to bed and hit a post by [personal profile] morgandawn about a bunch of different things, including a video news report about a UK Blake's 7 con. She mentioned that Ann O'Neill was in the video, and I had to click; I was never in B7, but Ann published the first Due South zines I ever bought; I'm pretty sure they were the first zines I bought after getting online, and if so, they were the first I ever bought direct from a publisher. (I had half a dozen that I'd bought out of a box at an SF con a decade earlier, but that was it.)

I never interacted with her much, but my memories of her have stayed positive all these years. She passed away -- wow, I was going to say "a few years ago", but it was in 2000.

And tonight for the first time ever, I have a face to go with the name I've never forgotten. <3 The internet is an amazing thing.

The news piece is interesting outside of that; first, the news anchor (?I think?) is wearing a shirt that looks like a parody of the 80s, which is cracking me up, and second, it's fun listening to the unprepared reporter find out that all these strangely dressed people are really completely normal. His reaction to the cop is priceless. It's been a long time since I've heard someone that unused to the whole notion of fandom.

I also love this one bit right at the end, where the camera pans over a list of "Space City" drinks to show the audience how committed these convention attendees are to live out this Blake's 7 fantasy for the weekend -- and pauses on the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. Hee!
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Today was kind of a cranky day all around, involving a total lack of hot water at home (that eventually turned out to be something that cost me a boatload of money, rather than something my landlord would have to pay for, joy), going into work early for a meeting that didn't go as smoothly as it should (not my fault, at least, but it made for a kinda frustrating morning), staying at work late for work that never actually came in, and getting the bill for said hot-water-fixing dealio. So bah.

But on the other hand, I have hot water again, woo!

And Maru and Hana continue to make me happy as they bond in ever sweeter ways <3

And there is new Person of Interest tonight! \o/

Also, there is this boy here, who never fails to crack me up:

Yeah, that's pretty much my life. If I'm eating it, he wants some of it -- the crunchier and saltier the better. The completely crazy eyes are because he'd just spent about 20 minutes chasing Tostitos all over my living room and begging me to throw more for him, before he decided he'd have more luck if he came closer. IDEK.

I still haven't watched this week's Blacklist or Sleepy Hollow, and I'll probably miss SHIELD tonight, too; work's too crazy and I'm too tired. But I'll watch POI (yay!) and The Voice, at least. So possibly there will be more posting later. (Or possibly not. *g*)
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I've been seeing this pop up on feeds across my reading list and network today, but in case anyone hasn't seen it...

This is for everyone who's ever been frustrated at not being allowed to do a good job, because the bosses want quantity, not quality:

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I don't even know where today went. I meant to spend it doing at least vaguely productive things around the house, but not so much.

This originally said I'd watched the first 10 minutes of OUaT, but it turned into vague live-blogging of the first 40 minutes )

ack, midnight, posting

ETA: I kept watching, so I'm just gonna add the last 20 minutes' worth here.

final 20 minutes of OUaT )
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But for good reason, as I've just an evening of fans, tacos, and Iron Man 3; hard to beat that.

And now I'm rewatching bits of Haven with [personal profile] mollyamory and polishing off some of the leftover guacamole.

Haven spoilers )

That was all very random and short, but time to post and go home!
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And that is that snow globes are not forever. Heh.

Many many many years ago -- like, probably more than 30 years ago -- my favorite aunt found a musical snow globe somewhere that reminded her of me, and gave it to me for a present. It was a wizard, casting a spell from a book he was reading, surrounded by glitter instead of snow. It was so cool! (Things like that were way harder to find then.)

It was really more suited to teenage me, but I kept it all this time, tucked away on a shelf. A few days ago, I idly noticed that the water level seemed to have dropped a bit, which was odd - but I figured I just hadn't looked at it in ages and was misremembering.

Then today I was over near it, and realized that the wizard was at a slightly odd angle, and reached for it to find that the globe part was a little loose, and suddenly there was a bit of water on my hand.


Turns out that the hard plastic supports inside the base eventually wear out! So the globe had been slowly going off-kilter, and then the rubber bit that the wizard stood on had also gone off-kilter, and water was seeping ever so slowly into the base.

Ah well -- 30-plus years is a pretty good run for something like that. *g* I drained all the water out into a baggie (I didn't want that glitter going down my drains), then set him back up o the shelf to take some pictures to remember it by:

one wizard, slightly damp )

So now he is gone, alas, after probably protecting the heck out of my space for all these years. <3
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Wow, I just got nuthin for tonight. My head is still full of Person of Interest, but not coherently enough to really make a post.

Hm, okay. I don't think I ever said anything at all about The Blacklist, so here, have some spoilery reaction )
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Before I move on to POI, I wanted to suggest a new acronym for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- ASHIELD. Nice symmetry with MUNCLE. *g*

So Person of Interest s3 premiered last night! \o/ And I have things to say about it. )

ETA after posting, because I forgot something )

Ack out of time, again, how does midnight always come so fast! In short, *flail*!

(I need more POI icons, hm.)
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Last night I watched the 95-minute pilot of Salvage 1, plus 2 hours of The Voice (granted, mostly on fast-forward), plus Sleepy Hollow, plus The Blacklist.

Tonight I've watched Agents of SHIELD and the first 15 minutes of Person of Interest, and just realized I'm running out of posting time if I don't want to break my streak, so have forced myself to pause POI. (There's 2 more hours of The Voice on tap for later, too.)

Famine to feast, man.

The Voice

I'm not cutting this, because it's just auditions at this point and I'm not talking about any of the hopefuls. It was very odd for me tuning in; last season was my first time watching, so I imprinted on Usher and Shakira as the two other judges -- for me, it's weird having Ceelo and Christina, especially with everyone talking about getting the band back together.

The auditions are my favorite part of the show; I love that they're blind, and that everyone has an equal chance. And I'm not invested in anyone yet, so I don't stress out when anyone's on stage. *g*

More auditions later, if I can manage to get to them, woo!

Sleepy Hollow )

Agents of SHIELD )

Argh too close to midnight, must post. Yay new tv!
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Right after I saw on the yt-admin feed that noms had closed, I got an email from TV Shows on DVD that I was not expecting at all:

We've added a news item for "Salvage 1" to the site. Here it is:

The 1979 Show Starring Andy Griffith, Joel Higgins and Trish Stewart - 4:11 PM 9/23/2013
"Salvage 1 - Hard Water" has been announced for release on DVD. We've got the early info for you, at the TVShowsOnDVD News!

This is why it's worth checking off all the old shows you never thought you'd see again on their site. Good lord. I'd given up any hope of ever seeing that show again!

As the news release points out, the two-part episode they're releasing is an incredibly stupid thing to put out first, as it was the aired "finale" (looking around, there were four unaired eps that wound up airing years later on Nostalgia TV). They should be putting out the pilot instead. But hey -- at least it's something!

And then I went searching around, and discovered that the pilot and several wow, maybe all! of the eps are on Youtube.

I should totally have nominated this. Okay, granted, I haven't seen this show in -- er, wow, 34 years? Eep. So I have no idea how well it's aged. But I adored it way back in my mid-teens (it helped that I was crushing madly on Joel Higgins *g*), and it was weird and wacky and wonderful, about a junkyard owner who wanted to go to space, and built himself a spaceship so he could go collect all the salvage that's just floating around out there. And hey, maybe I wasn't the only person who watched it!

Ah well -- I'll try rewatching via youtube for now, and if it's worth it, maybe I'll put it in for next year's YT.

... Okay, wow, the person who put all these up also put up "Deadman's Curve: The Jan and Dean Story", which I watched when it aired on tv in 1978 (... because I was crushing on Richard Hatch *kof*) and wanted to watch again for years after that. I doubt I'll be watching this one again, because really, but still -- I'm kinda glad to know it's not lost.

(But I must take this moment to say: oh come ON, syfy channel, if NBC can dredge up Salvage 1, why can't you give us s2 of Invisible Man? sigh.)
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I should really keep a list all year of things that strike my fancy, because I invariably forget things by nominations time, and wind up trawling through my old DYW letters and renominating old favorites. Some years I'm in more of an "any characters" kinda place, but this year I seem to be in a very specific slash-or-friendship pairing place, and stuck to just pairings.

I don't usually bother checking the spreadsheet first, because I don't care if I'm double-nominating things (and also I know it's not complete -- I'm one of the people who never bothers adding their nominations to the list), but this year since I'm nominating so late I went searching just for the heck of it, and went for things that aren't on the spreadsheets.

The Equalizer
Robert McCall
Control (The Equalizer)

The Invisible Man (TV 2000)
Bobby Hobbes
Darien Fawkes

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Kermit Griffin
Peter Caine

Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Carl Romeo
Tom Swale

I was really surprised that neither I-Man nor Young Wizards was on the spreadsheet yet, complete or no! Both of those are such perennial YT fandoms, and YW is a perennial *popular* fandom, so that was just odd to me. I'm unlikely to request YW (I tend to avoid book fandoms on signups), but it's one of the fandoms that always makes my YT reading list and I love Carl/Tom stories in particular, so. I can only assume that other people have nominated other characters as well,

I still haven't figured out my requests and offers for this year; poking through the spreadsheet, I spotted a fandom or two that made me go "ooo" besides the ones here, and a few other of my staples. I can't wait to see what the final full list is!

*breaks out Yuletide icon*


Sep. 21st, 2013 11:51 pm
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This was going to be a post about the latest ep, but turned into more general Korra ramblings, with no specific spoilers at all.

Korra ramblings )
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After saying I want to keep the daily posting going as long as I can, I of course have nothing, sitting here about to head out for an evening of fannish hanging out, during which I doubt I'll have time to post, even if we happen to say interesting things though we are bound to be fascinating and learned in our fannish natterings and deserve to be recorded for posterity.

So I will just say: fall is definitely here; I have honeycrisp apples in my fridge, pumpkin-spice English muffins on the counter, and Yuletide fandoms to think of before the nominations deadline passes. *happy sigh*


Sep. 19th, 2013 11:36 pm
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I've been hearing about Wattpad for the past year or two, generally in the context of "there's this GIGANTIC ARCHIVE that all the kids are using now, it leaves even in the dust". And earlier tonight, I was link-hopping and saw it mentioned again and thought okay, I actually want to look into this now. So I did; I went to Wattpad to see what was what. And, ugh, it's one where you have to log in to see anything. I hate that; you shouldn't have to be a member unless you want to post content. But by now I was really curious, because lord knows the non-logged-in front page was kinda useless. So I made an account and logged in, and went searching.

... Okay, seriously, why do people complain about the AO3's search*, when this is what's out there as the shiny new face of awesome?

There is a search bar, at least, into which you can type keywords. You can also pick a category (of which "Fanfiction" is one - you can't narrow any kind of fannish category beyond that), a length (... in "pages", not words, and I have no idea how many words make up a page in Wattpad terms), and a language. You can also tick a box for "completed" or "mature".

That's it. Typing in a fandom name while filtering for fanfiction will probably get you at least some fanfic in that fandom, but will also potentially bring up non-fanfic, people whose names match your fandom's name, summaries that include your fandom's name, etc. (This is not a good place to be a Supernatural fan, in other words.) And there's no way to filter down from your results; all you can do is go page by page.

This is awful; we had more control over archive searches 10 years ago on basic, early-days automated archives like AA or efiction.

I know it's not purely a fanfic archive; it's meant to be a clearinghouse for all writing everywhere. But it has to be miserable trying to find something in *any* category. Is this seriously something that pro writers think is awesome and a great way to reach readers?

Searching is bad enough that I'm starting to think that those stories that have nearly 2 million reads get them just by virtue of being the first results to show up.

Man. I do not think I'll be using this account much. Or at all. I honestly feel bad for the people who think this is the best thing there is.

*This was a rhetorical question.


Unrelatedly, I think this makes 30 posts in 30 days. \o/ I've never managed to do that, ever. I may keep using the tag just to see how long I can go without breaking the streak. *g*
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ack, it's 11:54 and I haven't written anything up; knew I shoulda saved that Arrow post for today!

So instead I will say some VERY FAST things about tv from the last few days:

Korra )

Haven )

Sleepy Hollow )

and argh I want to say more about all of them, but now it's 11:59, meep.

*hits post*
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More Saturday reportage, although some of this will be short as I seem to have fallen down on taking notes for the afternoon.

First up:

What's My Motivation? )

Next up:

A Matter of Perspective, vidshow/panel combination )

Next up:

Fancy Credits! )
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Or, you know, "deadline". *g* But technically, it's the 22nd, which is next Sunday, 7 days from now.

Go forth and bring peace and plenty to your characters, at least for a little while!

And if you've written one but haven't added it to the collection yet, go add it. *nudges*
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(I started today's post by saying I'd had a lazy day when I got almost nothing done but sitting in front of the computer reading 2-week-old threads about Worldcon, The Greying Of. Which I was going to post, then work a bit on the Critique panel writeup, to finish tomorrow. ... Hours later, here I am. Amazing what happens when you actually start working on something.)

After Club Vivid is a haze -- maybe people came back to our room for a little while? Or maybe we just went to bed? Man, I should take notes on what I do outside of panels and shows, my brain is just mush.

Anyway, the next morning there were WAFFLES! \o/ And this year, they had the regular waffle maker, plus one where you could make up to four tiny waffles, instead of just one big one. So I did. ... After toasting a bagel for myself, because somehow between getting up and thinking "yay waffles today!" and getting in line, I'd forgotten about the waffles. So it was kind of a bread-heavy morning.

Then it was off upstairs to the first panel of the day:

Critique: Talking About the Hard Stuff )

There wasn't really a single specific takeaway here, I don't think, other than that critique is something that a lot of us really value highly, and would like to find a way to start incorporating it more again. And there were no real answers about how to go about that, other than to just start doing it: take people on faith when they say they want crit; take it on faith that people at VVC, in particular, value crit; be upfront as the vidder or beta in a beta situation about expectations (and stick to them); take a risk, sometimes, that someone will respond well to your pointing out problems in their work.

FWIW, this was a single-hour panel that takes up a big part of my memory of Saturday; there was a lot of talking, a lot of ideas floating around, a lot of energy. Definitely a highlight for me.

I do feel like the panel paid off on Sunday; while Vid Review felt more sparsely populated than usual, the conversation also seemed more on target overall, with people chiming in to talk about what did and didn't work for them, and with almost every vid having a combination of both kinds of remarks made. It just felt like people were more confident that their "this didn't work" comments would be received well than has been the case in previous years, and it made for a better discussion, IMO.
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I'm sorting out a bookcase today, the one that has my media tie-ins. I've purged a lot of them over the years; fanfic gives me more of what I want. But I used to buy anything I could find for any show I loved, and I've hung on to a bunch, especially Star Trek books.

I used to buy a lot of Star Trek books. Some of these I'd forgotten I have; the only way to fit everything is to have doubled rows of books, and the titles in the back rows tend to fade. But today I'm looking at everything, and wow. Seriously, I'd forgotten.

Before VCRs, in most cases your only hope of knowing what happened in an episode was to actually watch it live as it aired, whether first run or rerun/syndication. But for some shows, you could buy books.

James Blish wrote adaptations of (almost) every episode; they weren't perfect, as they were written off scripts rather than final episode transcripts, and they were short stories rather than being particularly fleshed out, but. You could have the episodes in your hands!

I bought as many of the original paperbacks as I could find used, when I discovered these, but I couldn't get my hands on all of them. I was buying in the mid-80s, and there just wasn't much available; used bookstores weren't quite in vogue yet, and I could only get to one con a year with their fabulous dealers' rooms full of rows and rows and rows of used and new SFF. Then the Science Fiction Book Club offered four hardcover volume "Star Trek Readers", which collected all of Blish's adaptations, and I bought those, too. So now I have doubles of almost all of it, and still can't bring myself to purge any of them. *g* What if one day there are no more reruns or DVDs or blu-rays or downloads or anything!!

Blish wasn't the only one writing; a few years after him, Alan Dean Foster wrote adaptations of the animated series, which I also got my hands on, to my delight, as I'd never seen the animated show. Again, I don't have them all, but at least I had something.

And I bought behind-the-scenes books, and making-of books, and anything else I could. (Anyone else have "Chekov's Enterprise"?)

And then I discovered a couple copies of a treasure trove I'd had no idea existed: in the late '70s, Ballantine started publishing "fotonovels". I wound up with copies of Metamorphosis and Day of the Dove.

Metamorphosis front cover )

back cover )

They used comic book layout, with multiple panels per page in various combinations to carry you through the story, using tricks like outlining specific people in a white panel border to show that they're in a different place (like talking over communicators), or that a conversation was cutting back and forth on screen, so the still picture would have both face-on shots together. Although someone appears to have decided that that looked silly, because by book #10, they were no longer doing that - so it's less cheesy looking, but also a bit less fun. *g* Some photos spread seamlessly across a two-page spread (which, wow, has to have been a BITCH to print -- there are no whitespace margins in these books, they're pure photos).

interior pages )

I didn't want to break the spine on the book to get a sample of one of the two-page photos, but they're there.

The front of each book has a short cast list, including guest stars, and a two-page interview with one of the guest stars.

The back of the books have a helpful glossary to explain the terms in the book, from basic ST stuff like "communicators" and "phasers" to episode specifics like the disease one of the characters had, the planets involved in the ep, etc. Plus there's a quiz at the end, to see how much you were paying attention! (Answers on the very final page, so you didn't have to wait till the next book came out to see how you did.) And there would be a teaser photo from the next fotonovel, with a descriptive blurb. They packed a lot into these little books.

I'd completely forgotten about these, but man, now I remember how over the moon I was when I found them way back when. It was like being able to watch the episode any time I wanted!!

Even with VCRs available not long after, these were still fabulous for a long time, because a VCR was only useful if you had episodes to record - and the money to buy enough tapes to record more than a few episodes of anything. A single VHS cassette cost as much as ~10 fotonovels.

I kinda wish the trend of making these had started about five years earlier than it did, just to see how widespread it might have become before it got completely overshadowed by VCR tech.

(Seriously, these are so cool.) (How do I not have a TOS icon?)
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I started writing this up last night after I watched the finale, but was too tired to finish it, so now I'm writing it up fast in the brief lull between Korra and Haven. (It is a good night for tv!).

Massive spoilers for the final two episodes )

Okay, wow, that was way more random than I'd planned, but I'm still sort of awash in reaction, and Haven is starting up any second.

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