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Well I got out of that posting-every-day habit pretty fast. Let's try that again.

[personal profile] james has opened a "Cuddles for Comfort" collection on AO3! She says:

The collection is open to fiction, art, vids, podfic, any type of fan creation that features cuddling.

All fandoms!

All relationships and ratings. Gen, slash, het; lovers, friends, siblings, sworn enemies, sentient battle tanks, all welcome!

The fest is from now until Feb 14, though the collection won't really close so folks can post after.

Cuddles for Comfort 2017 banner
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(still taking questions/suggestions, if you want me to talk about anything in particular - mixing up my responses to those with other stuff as I go)

As part of my "dammit I will be more fannish" decision, I signed up for an [community profile] hc_bingo card. The official bingo period ends, uh, tomorrow (Jan. 5), so I suspect I will not succeed on that front, but the amnesty period lasts through June 1, so I still have a shot at getting something done, at least.

My hc_bingo card )
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[personal profile] dorinda was talking about a story that [personal profile] mollyamory wrote for her, which was in the general "idyll" vein; in Dorinda's words, a story "in which the characters are stuck in a peaceful, comfortable, well-stocked place, usually with some kind of swimming available".

I love those kinds of stories, and mentioned that I thought an Idyll Challenge would be an awesome thing to have, and even as I thought that, I was thinking about the Canadian Shack challenge, because in some ways those were similar. And then I laughed, because Dorinda mentioned Shacks in her reply to me, which led to this comment from me:

I thought Shacks briefly, too, when I was thinking about an Idyll Challenge -- but that has less a sense of peaceful rest and comfort, and more haven from the elements -- cave fic with walls and a nice wood fire.

And okay, now I'm cracking up at my mental sliding scale of "Alone In Some Place" fic tropes. ... Wait, no, sliding parallel tracks.

Cavefic -> Canadian Shack
Desert Island -> Idyll

Except the second track starts midway along the first track, because in my head a desert island starts out a bit more comfortable than a cave, and an idyll is inherently more comfy than a shack, despite potential individual differences in all those things. So:

Cave  ->  Shack
      Island   ->   Idyll

All aboard the train to isolation and snuggles!

Which is still cracking me up. But also getting me to think more seriously about an Idyll Challenge. Would anyone be up for that? I'm thinking maybe a soft deadline of the Equinox, which is September 22 this year -- soft because I really don't care if people keep writing later than that. *g* But that's roughly a month, which is a good timespan, I think, and it would wrap up "officially" before YT really cranks up.

Actually, what the hell: I've made an AO3 collection. Why not just do it, right?

Multi-fandom, and I'm going with multi-format -- fic, art, vids, whatever people want.

Idyll Challenge on AO3.

ETA, since people are linking to this: The challenge is an open one, no signup needed. Just write/draw/vid/whatever and add to the collection!
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It's [community profile] hc_bingo time again! Last year got completely away from me, and once again I thought I should just throw in the towel, but what the heck. There was no penalty for not writing last year, so why not. I squinched my eyes up a bit and decided not to veto anything, and got this:

My hc_bingo card )
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If I sign up for [community profile] hc_bingo enough, eventually I will actually manage to pull off a bingo, right?

This year's card beneath the cut! )
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Even though I didn't manage to write anything but a last-minute amnesty story last time around, I figured I'd give this a shot again.

My hc_bingo card )

Choices, choices...
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I have signed up for H/C Bingo! ([community profile] hc_bingo) We shall see how this goes. No rows are leaping out at me on first glance, except for a few "oh dear god, what was I thinking" sort of things. *g*

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