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If you haven't been following the [ profile] yuletide_admin comm (there's also a DW feed of it: [syndicated profile] yuletide_admin_feed), things have been happening! The old Yuletide archive is going to be imported "in early May" -- there's no specific date, but this is happening within a matter of weeks. \o/

Originally they weren't sure if comments would be included. That has been steadily firming up, and as of today has reached a point I honestly never expected: not only are comments going to be imported with works from the old archive, but if you tell them exactly which stories to connect, IN ADVANCE, they'll also be able to import comments to old YT stories you've already uploaded.


If you imported them yourself from the old YT site, you're all set; it should happen automatically. If you uploaded them manually (that would be what I did), that link will give you a link to the contact form to give Open Doors the info, and will tell you exactly what information to include.

So here's the thing. Technically, "early May" is... next week. Looking at the schedule, it looks like the import won't happen till sometime after May 4 (since they have a "how will this work?" chat scheduled for that day), but that's next Sunday. Presumably, the import could happen at any point thereafter. If you want your old comments attached to works you've already uploaded, you have to set it up in advance, which pretty much means "do this now".

If you wait till after the archive import, it'll be too late, and you'll lose those old comments.

Unrelated to the comments issue, the YT admins have created collections for all YT years now, and you can go through and add your old works to the proper collections. Please do, if you're planning on keeping your uploaded versions instead of deleting them in favor of the imported versions! I am greedy, and want allllll the YT fic together. <3

If you haven't already uploaded/imported your old YT stories, you don't have to do anything but wait, then claim your stories after the fact. Your stories will be imported to the correct collections with comments intact.

More info from the AO3 announcement, including chat dates and times -- the first chat is going on as I type this, the second is next week, as mentioned.
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These are Greasemonkey scripts, which will work in Firefox and I think Chrome (and Chrome clones) and Opera. If you don't have Greasemonkey, it's definitely worth installing. You can get it in add-ons/extensions. Once you have the add-on, you can install all kinds of scripts to customize your browser to do what you want.

DW scripts:

Dynamic and persistent DW reading/network page expand/collapse/hide This is amazing, and I wish I could install it on my mobile devices. It lets you collapse (and later expand) or completely hide entries on reading and network pages on DW -- not just your own, but anyone's. Collapsing a post will leave the subject line; hiding it will make it go poof.

LJ New Comment "This script remembers which comments you've seen on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth, and marks new comments with a link which says "NEW". Clicking the link selects that new comment."

Dreamwidth ljwho This lets you add notes to anyone's username on DW. It's browser-specific, so it's less useful than a native action tied to your account, but I still find it plenty useful.

You can find more DW scripts here.

AO3 scripts:

I found these through [community profile] ao3some, a comm for AO3-related stuff.

ao3 download buttons This adds a Download button to everything listed on a works page, so you don't have to click into something specifically to download it. Just click the download button right there in the header info, choose your format, and you're done.

AO3 Kudos Tools Once it's set up, this will let you know if you've already kudosed something by changing the color of the kudos button to green, and putting a green background on your name in the kudos list. You can also set it up to put a dark grey background behind anyone else's name, if there are people whose tastes you really trust.

Fair warning on this one: it takes a bit of work to get set up -- not very much! But you need to edit the script once it's installed to add your username to the script so it knows what to look for, and to add anyone else's usernames if you want it to check for them, too. See below for instructions if you're not used to doing this.

AO3 Saved Filters This adds a section to the sidebar with two boxes, one for global tags and one for fandom tags, which will save whatever you put there. This took me a bit of figuring, but once I got it, I was floored.

Both of these will take either includes or excludes. To include something, just type it (enclose it in double quotes if it has more than one word: "hurt/comfort"). To exclude something, type it with a minus sign in front, again using double quotes if there's more than one word: -"hurt/comfort".

The "Global" box is persistent -- anything you put there will be filtered on no matter what works page you're looking at, and it remembers it across browser sessions. If you never want to see fluff, add -fluff to that box and hit save, and fluff will forevermore be filtered out of any results for you automatically. (You can always edit the boxes later to add or remove things.)

The "Fandom" box is for stuff specific to whatever fandom you're looking at, so you have to be on a specific fandom works page for it to show up (meta-tags don't count - "Sherlock Holmes - All Media Types" won't have a "fandoms" saved-filter box, but "Sherlock (BBC)" will. Collection works pages don't count, either. Both those pages will only have a global box.) This box is persistent for a given fandom: if you put -Lestrade into the box on the Sherlock BBC works page and hit save, you'll never see any works with Lestrade named in the header info when you're browsing through the fandom.

So if you never want to see fluff anywhere, put -fluff in the Global box and hit save. If you're good with fluff everywhere except The Wire, put -fluff in the Fandom box on The Wire's works page, and now that will be the only fandom where it doesn't show up.

I am just boggled at how customizable this is. Wow.

AO3 savior Works like Tumblr savior, in that anything it protects you from is hidden, rather than gone completely. You can choose to unhide them, then hide them again if you realize that nope, you really didn't want to see that after all. You can specify authors, tags, or summary terms/phrases; matches need to be exact.

Fair warning on this one as well: you also need to edit this script to tell it what you want it to protect you from. Again, it's not hard, but if you've never done it it can look confusing; instructions below.

Editing those user scripts )

Couple of important notes:

1. Greasemonkey is installed on your browsers, and have nothing to do with your DW/LJ or AO3 accounts. You need to install it on every browser you use, and set up the scripts you want on each one.

2. This is much harder on mobile devices. iOS won't allow extensions to be installed unless you jailbreak your device, which I haven't done so I can't tell how well it works.. Looks like Android has a TamperMonkey app that's a browser that allows Greasemonkey scripts, but I don't have any Android devices so again have no idea how well it works. I can't find anything at all about installing Greasemeonkey on Windows phones/tablets on a fast search.

But if you're still regularly using a computer or two, these scripts are really useful.
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In the wake of some of the "meta on AO3" discussions that veered off into talking about finding things on the archive, I decided to poke more intently at the search and filter features.

Like pretty much everyone else, I think things will be easier and more organized once there are media categories to sort on, and I'm very much hoping that the posting forms pick up a radio button for "nonfiction" to make all sorts of nonfic things filterable. I also really hope that a crossover button gets added, and that crossovers become something that can be filtered in or out.

My own ideal filter sidebar would include options to include/exclude terms from each section, with sections added for Source Media Type and Fanwork Media Type (based on the media categories I suggested in the Category Change post, which I'm still very keen on), and checkboxes for complete/wips, crossovers/no-crossovers, and creative/nonfiction.

It would look something like this )

But we don't have that yet, so I figured I would try to make the existing filters/search do what I wanted them to.

There are three basic ways to search.

  • The general search box at the top of every page, where you just type in a string of search terms, whatever you're looking for.

  • The filters sidebar on any tag-based landing page -- fandom, pairing, trope, etc. These let you see the most common tags in use on that landing page, so you have a starting point to work from.

  • The Advanced Search, available via link at the top of every page, or directly at This is a form that provides structure for your search, with a lot of detail.

All three of these default to AND searches: every term you type in is considered a requirement, so the more terms you add, the narrower your search.

All three also have a box that does allow you to search for options (OR) or exclude things (NOT), across all of the fields associated with a work in the database, including title, author, summary, notes, and tags. That means this is a text search box. It doesn't search for tags specifically, it searches for the text inside the tags.

In the general search box, you can do OR or NOT directly in the box. In the filters sidebar, this is the Search within results box. In the Advanced Search form, this is the Any Field box.

Using that single-box search no matter where you find it. )

Things to keep in mind using the search box )

So those are the things they all have in common. They all have some differences and specific strengths, as well.

The general search box does everything listed under the "single box" explanation, and has the huge advantage of being right there on every page, and very fast to use.

Using the general search box )

The filters let you see what you're dealing with, so you can easily adjust things on the fly. You can use filters on a fandom page, bookmarks page, tag page, and individual people's Works and Bookmarks pages.

Using the filters sidebar )

Filtering crossovers in or out )

The advanced search lets you search not just fanworks, but also bookmarks, tags, and people. It also lets you specify date ranges for you results, which neither of the other two search options do.

Using Advanced Search )

There are still a few things I'm hoping will be added to search on AO3: crossover filters, source media types, fanwork media types, excludes right within the filter options and advanced search fields.

But the search as it stands is miles ahead of where it was three months ago, and it's possible to do some pretty refined searching now.

  • You can use the general search box as a shortcut to your fandom, pairing, character, or trope of choice. Type the term in, and click on the first appropriate tag in the results to get to the Filters page for that term.

  • If you only check your fandom, pairing, or favorite trope once every week or two and only want to see the most recent works, use Advanced Search to set up what you want.

    • Specify your fandom and/or pairing and/or tag, and put in a duration such as <7 days or < 2 weeks in the Date field. Bookmark your search results in your browser, and you can just click that bookmark any time you want to catch up on the last week or two.

  • If you never want crossovers for your fandom, go to your fandom page and filter out all the crossovers, then bookmark your results. You can use that bookmark as your landing page for your fandom, and just start filtering/searching from there every time.

    • You may need to update your bookmark as more crossovers are created in your fandom, by adding more fandoms to your "search within results" box.

  • Don't just default to excludes; sometimes OR searches will be better.

    • If you want all ratings but Explicit, searching for -explicit is the way to go.

    • But if you want only General and Teen ratings, searching for ("general audiences" OR "teen and up audiences") may be easier than excluding all other ratings.
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Fandom feed subscriptions are available on AO3 now!

Sadly, the site is slow as molasses at the moment, probably because everyone is hitting it at the same time trying to get feed subscriptions set up.

I don't know that I'll bother subscribing to bigger fandoms, but man, what a fantastic way to keep up with the small to middling ones -- god knows I never remember to go check every day, or even every week or month, but there are fandoms I'd leap on a new story in. And now I can! \o/

Hah and I got one some in!

[syndicated profile] ao3_havenfic_feed

[syndicated profile] ao3_alphas_feed

[syndicated profile] ao3_peacemakers_feed

[syndicated profile] ao3_personofinterest_feed

[syndicated profile] ao3_leverage_feed

This is so awesome.

(WIP notification subscriptions are also available, but that one doesn't affect me. *g*)

(edited to add alphas feed)
(eta2 to add person of interest, leverage, peacemakers) (possibly I should slow down with these...)
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[community profile] ao3some -- This is a new, completely unofficial comm for fans of the AO3 to get together and talk about whatever -- share codes, talk about features we like or don't like, how we use the archive, tips/tricks, tagging philosophies, news, etc.

[community profile] ao3_skins -- Relatedly and also unofficial, for sharing archive skins and other extras.

[community profile] fancake -- This is a repeat from a month ago, but I'm having a blast with it, and it's really starting to take off. This is a themed recs community, where anyone can rec fanworks based on that month's theme (new themes start up on the 15th of each month).

The first three themes were amnesia, telepathy, and superpowers, and generated about 60 recs each; the fourth theme was crossovers/fusions, and generated over 200 recs in 175 different fandoms. The current theme (just started today) is genderfuck, and has generated 9 recs already as I type this.

[community profile] fannish_library_fest -- The fest runs from April 15 to April 30, and has just opened for posting. It's to celebrate "fans and characters as keepers, organizers, and preservers of knowledge" (how fans organize things like archives, delicious, recs lists, bookmarks, wikis, etc.; how characters/sources use things like libraries/records/archives/oral histories/memoirs/personal papers/etc.). Anything relating to that is welcome: meta of all kinds, fanworks of all kinds, recs, questions, you name it.

eta new icon, courtesy [profile] morebutterflies in [community profile] fannish_library_fest!
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You spend the day obsessively refreshing your mail for your assignment, then when it finally appears, you open the email with a hand over your eyes in abject terror of what it might be.

Happily, mine appears to be one of the fandoms I offered to write! Go figure. *g* Hopefully, my writer has made the same discovery and is not panicking at their assignment.

Also, for anyone who wanted a button to click to default rather than having to send an email, it looks like AO3 offers just that - in the "My Assignments" page, there's a section for "Manage [work]" that lets you click either "default" or "post to fulfill".

I have no idea what happens if you click default, and I'm not going to test it. *g* But it's there!

Now to start reviewing source...

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There are a bunch of things I keep meaning to post about (Venture Bros, omg that second to last ep was so good! Burn Notice is back! [although I haven't watched this week's ep yet so please don't spoil me *g*] Fringe! [also haven't watched this week's ep, so please don't spoil that one either, sorry!] Yuletide signups are almost live! AO3 NOW ALLOWS VID EMBEDS OMG!!! - and, you know, has shinier code in general, and tons more Yuletide stuff, but omg VID EMBEDS! Permanent URLs even if your hosting changes! YAY!!)

But the thing that causes me to actually finish a draft for once is this:

cut for image )

\o/ GO HEIDI! She looks fabulous, and as Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay put it:

"Ahem. As we recall, a certain Ms. Garcia threw down the gauntlet during the Project Runway Season 8 finale judging session with a derisive "I'd like to see you wear that dress, Klum."

Why, kittens. We do believe Miss Heidi Klum just gave Miss Nina Garcia the finger, figuratively (and fashionably) speaking."


Now let's see if Nina actually wears Gretchen's godawful knit-granny-panties and hideous shiny green leather jacket combo.

There are more pics at the link - Heidi is totally showing that dress off, and looking very happy about it, too. Yay for Mondo!

(Icon totally aimed at Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, not Heidi. <3)
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I wound up going through that AO3 skin I made and cleaning up the code after all, and submitted it to be public (even though I was v. nervous about it, being no kind of designer at all), and then sat around for four days fretting that it wasn't good enough. But I just checked, and as of sometime in the last 12 hours, it has been approved for public use! \o/

I am ridiculously chuffed about this. Also a little meep-y; see above re: nervous because not a designer. But mostly chuffed. *g*

There are several more there now, too, if people are looking for options.

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The short version of this post: I made an AO3 skin! And it is blue! \o/

longer version cut for rambling and nested screencaps )

And to answer the question I know at least a few people will want to ask, this is how you increase the margins on story text so it's not sprawling across almost your entire browser:

#chapters { margin-right: 10%; margin-left: 10%; }

Those are the settings from the screencap, to give you an idea of what percentages you want to play with.

Yay for skins!
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I was poking around the AO3 tonight, and stumbled across one of my favorite fanworks from the early '00s:

Deep Fanfic Thoughts, by Jack Handey, which I now know was written by [ profile] Vali (... okay, it is totally cool that you can make a link like that to an AO3 user account!); back in the day, IIRC, it was posted anonymously.

It was written in 2001, and anyone who was in mailing list fandom, particularly on slash lists, will recognize pretty much everything there. Heeee.

It vanished off the net somewhere around 2005, as near as I can tell; I haven't been able to find anything but references to it for several years, and always regretted not saving a copy for myself. Yay for the AO3!

(Me, I still wish that more planets had fallen under the ruthless domination of Prospect-L, but then I'm biased. *g*)

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