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First off, I spent the weekend adding a bunch of new people from the friending meme, and with a bunch of new people subscribing to me. Hiya! It's very cool to see the new voices on my reading list. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should; the word spread pretty far, and it's up to more than 1,200 comments over 11 pages. A big chunk of that is people responding to each other, but that still leaves hundreds of entries.

And if you're thinking damn, you should have jumped in -- jump in! It's still going, with new entries and new conversations. I started tracking it early on so I wouldn't forget to go check for new people, and then it hit a tipping point on Friday night and whoosh. It may have finally started slowing down a bit, but it hasn't stopped. I suspect the mention it got on f_fa is what did the trick, so yay to whoever did that!

I'm about a hundred comments behind at this point (by dint of ignoring basically all the side-chatter, which is a pity because I bet there was some good conversation, but -- 1,200 comments! oof.)

Meanwhile, I took a break from DW last night to watch the Amazing Race finale. )
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I keep meaning to post about shows, and keep failing to do so, because new episodes of things keep airing and I'm always scrambling to catch up. I still have half-written posts about regular tv, but for starters, let's go with the reality shows:

Amazing Race, season... 20? Really. Okay. )

Project Runway Allstars )

Top Chef )

There, reality tv covered! Now let's see if I can manage to say anything about regular tv before I fall yet another week (or month) behind on things...
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I have a giant post that I've been adding to for, um, weeks now, about the shows I'm watching. It's getting ridiculous, so I'm just going to pull sections and post as I finish them up instead of trying to get it all done before posting the entire thing.

So since TAR was the last thing I watched, TAR is the first thing to get posted. I'm not going back and reworking these; this is what I wrote up week by week.

Rambly spoilers below for each episode to date!

18x01: 'Head Down and Hold On' and 18x02: 'I Never Looked So Foolish in My Whole Entire Life' )

18x03: 'We Had a Lot of Evil Spirits Apparently' )

18x04: 'This Is the Most Stupid Day Ever' )
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God, season 16? Seriously? I remember when we expected it to be cancelled every year, and now there's like, three months between seasons. (Also, the racers traveled uphill both ways, in the snow. In Alaska. By themselves. Poor Guidos.)

My love for TAR isn't as intense as it used to be, but I've been enjoying it again for the past few seasons. This season there are no actual assholes that I've noticed, which is really nice. Looking at the field right now, there are only a few teams I would rather didn't make it to the final four, but that's mostly because there are a few teams I hope really do. I'm not actively rooting against anyone, which is sort of refreshing.

Random observations on this week's episode:

spoilers ahoy )

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