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I haven't done one of these in ages, but I've seen folks reviving it recently, so what the heck. Have some comms!


[community profile] vidrecs Just what it says on the tin, and a good place to post those VVC recs burning a hole in your pocket... It's a low-activity comm right now, and I'd love to see that change. (note to self...) Anyone can rec. Basic rules: no self-reccing, one rec per post, two posts per reccer per day, publicly available vids only.

[community profile] fanart_recs Again, just what it says on the tin. This runs mainly on a sign-up basis, where people sign up in advance to make at least 4 recs in a month in a particular fandom. They're always looking for more reccers, but I've never seen a month go by when there wasn't at least one person reccing things. Not always in my fandoms, but I've found some fantastic art this way.

[community profile] fancake Okay, I rec this one a lot, because it's one of my favorite recs places. Themed recs, themes change every month, anyone can rec anything they want in that theme, one rec per post, three recs per reccer per day, amnesty period once a year for all themes. I need to get off my duff and start making recs again.

Fic prompts:

[community profile] fic_promptly is a pan-fandom prompt comm that has a different theme every Monday through Thursday (Fridays are free-for-alls, post any prompts you want). This isn't an anon meme; every weekday there's a new post. The comm went silent for a while so may have fallen off people's radar, but it's been revived, and it's back in business.

[community profile] meme_of_interest is the Person of Interest kinkmeme; it allows both anon and non-anon prompts and fills.

[community profile] grimm_kink is the Grimm kink meme, which you can probably tell from the name. A little slow at the moment, but still active; the most recent comment on the prompt post is from yesterday.

Panfandom fannish chat:

[community profile] tv_talk is a fairly new comm, where people can sign up to be Captain of a show -- which just means you agree to put up a new discussion post for people to talk in within a week of an episode's airing. Right now only two of the shows that people have asked to sign up for are currently airing, so it's a little heavy on the Teen Wolf and Falling Skies, but I'd love to see this take off as the fall season starts up. Oh, also anyone can post a "General post" about whatever they want, whenever they want - it's not just for official discussion posts.

The comm doesn't allow character or ship bashing, and the spoiler policy is one that works for me (no spoilers of future shows, no spoilers outside of cuts, no spoilers for episodes airing a week previously in general posts).

[community profile] allfandom_chat is an anon-meme-style comm where you don't have to be anon unless you want to be, where you can talk in comments about any fandom or fannish thing you want. Brand new, set up this week.

[community profile] whumpable For all your hurt/comfort discussion needs, whether finding h/c canons, talking about h/c tropes, making or asking for recs, etc.

Specific fandom comms:

[community profile] pofinterest_fic This is the DW mirror to the most active Person of Interest comm on LJ. The _fic part is misleading; it allows "fanfic, icons, screencaps, any other fanart, fanvids, fanmixes, recs, links, discussion posts, news, etc. -basically anything that is related to the tv show Person of Interest" It's basically the only POI comm on DW right now, other than the kink meme, and with the new season coming up...

[community profile] havenfans For all your Haven needs! Discussion, fic, vids, you name it.

[community profile] grimm_daily A daily roundup of Grimm fic - originally meant for rounding up kink meme fills, but now lists fic from all over -- the kink meme, various LJ comms, AO3, Which I just found, and have now added to my reading list. \o/
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There are lots of places to find prompts these days:

[community profile] fic_promptly - Multi-fandom, for commentfic. Every day is a new theme, and anyone can leave up to six prompts per fandom per day (that is, you can leave as many prompts as you want, but no more than six in any give fandom). The mods also collect all the prompts on a delicious account for easy browsing to find things to fill or read.

[community profile] fringe_kinkmeme - What it says on the tin. *g* Looks like this is only a couple of weeks old.

[community profile] jackdanielpromptfic - Weekly prompts for Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel fic.

[community profile] leverage_flashfic - New Leverage flashfic comm!

[community profile] storycubes - Any fandom. Low-pressure prompt community, where you request a set of story cubes (a picture of 9 dice with various images on them), and you use all the elements on the dice to create a story. No deadlines, no pressure.

[community profile] winter_deaddrop - Weekly Burn Notice prompts, to inspire flashfic.

Fandom comms:

[community profile] fortheusers - For Tron fans, of both the original movie and Legacy.

[community profile] fringetv_at_dw - For Fringe fans! I'd love to see this take off more; Fringe should have a bigger fandom presence, dammit.

[community profile] leverage - For Leverage fans, natch.

[community profile] theboathouse - For NCIS:LA fans; another show that should have a bigger fannish presence. Hmf.

[community profile] tortall - For Tamora Pierce fans (this includes Emelan as well as Tortall). [personal profile] scrollgirl is currently doing a 30 Days of Tamora Pierce for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, with answers going into the comments of the posts.
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[community profile] ao3some -- This is a new, completely unofficial comm for fans of the AO3 to get together and talk about whatever -- share codes, talk about features we like or don't like, how we use the archive, tips/tricks, tagging philosophies, news, etc.

[community profile] ao3_skins -- Relatedly and also unofficial, for sharing archive skins and other extras.

[community profile] fancake -- This is a repeat from a month ago, but I'm having a blast with it, and it's really starting to take off. This is a themed recs community, where anyone can rec fanworks based on that month's theme (new themes start up on the 15th of each month).

The first three themes were amnesia, telepathy, and superpowers, and generated about 60 recs each; the fourth theme was crossovers/fusions, and generated over 200 recs in 175 different fandoms. The current theme (just started today) is genderfuck, and has generated 9 recs already as I type this.

[community profile] fannish_library_fest -- The fest runs from April 15 to April 30, and has just opened for posting. It's to celebrate "fans and characters as keepers, organizers, and preservers of knowledge" (how fans organize things like archives, delicious, recs lists, bookmarks, wikis, etc.; how characters/sources use things like libraries/records/archives/oral histories/memoirs/personal papers/etc.). Anything relating to that is welcome: meta of all kinds, fanworks of all kinds, recs, questions, you name it.

eta new icon, courtesy [profile] morebutterflies in [community profile] fannish_library_fest!
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I haven't done one of these in ages, but figured this was a good time to spread the word about some recs communities. These are all open to any fandoms, any genres, any ratings.

[community profile] bestthingever is for recs of stories (and only stories, no other fanworks) that are no more than three months old; anyone can post.

[community profile] fanart_recs is, as you might suspect, for reccing fanart. This one's run more along crack_van lines, with reccers signing up for a month to rec in their fandoms.

[community profile] fancake is a themed rec community, where anyone can rec stories based on that month's theme. It's mainly fic-based, but any fanworks are welcome to be recced. Themes so far have been amnesia, telepathy, and superpowers, and a few times a year there's an amnesty period for reccing things under any previous theme. There's currently a poll to determine the next theme; I'm rooting for crossovers/fusion, myself.

[community profile] list50 is for 50 recs at a time (or shorter lists during "minilist" challenges), on a reccer-chosen theme. The recs are generally just one line each - title, fandom, and link to story are the only required things, although people can add more info if they want. Anyone can post here.

And bonus community, which is restricted to gen fanfic but which is open to any fandom and apparently any rating:

[community profile] gen_rec It's a little quiet right now, but I'd love to see this pick up, since I've only just discovered it. *g*
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I've been poking around Dreamwidth for a couple of weeks now, looking for communities, and figured this would be a good Friday to start sharing the wealth. And since I've been happily catching up on the last few eps of Burn Notice*, here, have some comms:

[community profile] bn_sparks - adult fanfic, both het and slash

[community profile] burn_notice - discussion

[community profile] burn_notice_fic - all genres, all ratings

[community profile] burn_notice_graphics - fanart and graphics

[community profile] winter_deaddrop - prompt-based flashfic comm

Some of these aren't very active yet, but hopefully if more people are interested that will change. (And that Fanlore entry I linked up there could use some love, too, now that I look at it...)

Follow Friday ([community profile] followfriday): Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. You can see all the entries on DW that have been tagged Follow Friday here.

* I'm not all the way caught up yet! Please don't spoil me for the final two eps of s3; I'm watching those this weekend. TYK!

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