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This is old, but always lifts my spirits, so in honor of the day, have an extended boom de yada song:

And I'll take a cue from [personal profile] movies_michelle and [personal profile] dorinda, and offer to write commentfic if anyone's interested. Give me a fandom and a single word prompt, and I'll see what I can do!

(I'm not adding a list of fandoms because I know I'll forget things; ask for whatever you want, and if I can't do it, I'll say so.)


Mar. 10th, 2014 04:38 pm
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I saw my first ad for Cosmos about a month ago, which consisted of a lot of visuals and no obvious indication of who the host would be.

First reaction: outrage! "Cosmos is Carl Sagan's! No one else can do it!"

Second reaction: "... hm, unless they got Neil deGrasse Tyson. He could do it."

*brief interlude of rewinding and watching the footage slowly over and over again, trying to pin down the tiny flash of host I'd caught out of the corner of my eye*

Third reaction: "WOO Neil deGrasse Tyson! This should be great!"

The first episode aired last night, and was everything I'd hoped. There were a lot of callbacks to the original that made me happy, including some straight-up repetition of approach and dialogue. But it wasn't a rip-off; it was clearly an homage to tie the two versions together. This is an updated revision, not a wholesale rewrite, and I totally dig that. Also it's hugely clear that Tyson admired and respected the hell out of Sagan, as a scientist, a person, and the man who'd helped popularize a lot of science almost 35 years ago. The final few minutes of the episode had me choking up.

(Also holy cow, they got Obama to do the intro.)

I can't wait for the rest of this series.

And then there's this, which has me grinning all over my face:

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I've been seeing this pop up on feeds across my reading list and network today, but in case anyone hasn't seen it...

This is for everyone who's ever been frustrated at not being allowed to do a good job, because the bosses want quantity, not quality:

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I meant to do a bunch of things today, and mostly overslept and then frittered the day away poking at the Internet. But as a result of that, I can bring videos:

Maru has clearly adapted to Hana! ♥

And here is a baby elephant's first experience of the ocean:

And via [personal profile] morgandawn's post about an entire filk album up on Youtube, one of my favorite filks, The Ballad of Apollo 13. This one always makes me cry:

Hope Eyrie's the other one that never fails, but not the version on this album; the one that gets me is the one Julia Ecklar sings; both of them choke me up so hard, in good ways.

Okay, the other filk that gets me every time is A Boy and His Frog, although that's less "choked up in a good way" and more, you know. Destroyed.

... Annnd I listened to A Boy and His Frog when I linked it, and am destroyed. *rewatches Maru and the baby elephant desperately*
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I've been caught up in Burn Notice since my post last night; there's nothing like having people tell you they're reacting completely differently to make you sit down and figure out why you're responding to a show in a particular way! Which is fabulous, as the more I think about it, the more this season crystallizes for me. Who knows if I'm right, but man, I'm having fun right now with it. <3

But that also means I haven't been thinking about other things to post, and I suspect linking back to an earlier post doesn't quite count as new content. *g* And it's 20 minutes to midnight.

So, er. Cat video? This is Darien, just barely 2 years old, hanging out in the bathtub at 4am.

(cats: posting equivalent of a saving throw?)

oh, wow

Apr. 13th, 2011 06:00 pm
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ETA: Well, so much for that - the youtube poster made the video private (after apparently getting over 2.5 million hits, which seems a bit late to be going for privacy, but hey.). But I swear, it was really cute. /eta

ETA2: although if you want to see it, you can always count on youtubers to repost things they like... /eta2

Spotted this on Latest Things - this is fantastic. There's a cat demanding pettins... from dolphins.

video below the cut )
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I found this on my Network - this is awesome. They're having so much fun, and are so good!

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