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I wrote Haven for Yuletide! I was a little hesitant to offer it, partly because I'd also requested it, and partly because I'm always nervous writing for the first time in a non-tiny fandom for some reason. But I love the show, and this season in particular I was over the moon about Duke and Nathan, so it was too tempting to resist.

Bank Shot (5522 words) by Arduinna
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haven
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Characters: Duke Crocker, Nathan Wuornos
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon, Reunions, Reunion Sex

Nathan's got the weekend off, and Duke Crocker's back in town.

That's not the best summary ever, but I was stymied. My title and summary always wind up being last, and this time I had a punch-drunk version in my head I couldn't get rid of, and that I couldn't use because they were: )

... yeah. No. *g* But it meant I was scrambling and wound up with the most basic thing imaginable. Oh well. I'm pretty pleased with the title, at least.

I was extra-happy to be asked about Haven and the Duke/Nathan fanservice coming out of it this season in the December meme, because it let me wallow around in fourth season and do some more thinking about these two and how they fit together, even if I then had to be very careful not to go into anything that might give away what I was writing. Thanks, [personal profile] justhuman - that couldn't have been better timing! <3

rambling a bit about story process )

Meanwhile, in the rest of Yuletide, I didn't get nearly enough read this year before reveals, and my recs count is woefully down from previous years. I blame the Wednesday holidays; I didn't have any time off from work, and just never had time to settle in to a few days of nonstop reading like I prefer. Next year, I am determined to do more!

In the meantime, though, here's the handful of recs for this year so far, and I should be adding to this for a while.
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I shifted the Dec 14 question forward a few days, since I did two posts on Saturday, and then I forgot to answer Sunday's. Whoops! So this one is for December 15.

[personal profile] justhuman asked: Tell me about Duke and Nathan and the fanservice that's gushing out of Haven

Oh, man, I'm not even sure I can be coherent about this. This season has been a Duke/Nathan slasher's dream )


Full request list here, still open!

all the tv

Oct. 22nd, 2013 10:27 pm
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Apparently more than 40 days of posting every day wasn't enough to ingrain the habit, as my one-day "no, really, it's okay if I take a break" amnesty for myself promptly turned into 20 days barring a couple of brief Yuletide interruptions, during which my brain started sliding right back to "eh, that's not important enough to post" about things, and "eh, I'll post something tomorrow".

Partly I blame tv, of which there is suddenly far too much - and there's more starting up over the next couple of weeks. I'm already behind! I'm going to have to start weeding things out pronto. It's so hard to break my old conditioning that I should watch all the genre tv I like even somewhat, because what if there's never any more, and what if I don't know what other fans are talking about (only you can cure fannish illiteracy!), and and and. But there's always more, and the options are either to watch ALL the tv and not have time to do anything else, or watch some of the tv and maybe be able to get into discussions or read(/write) fic or watch(/make) vids, too.

Also, though, I've been way more social than usual in the last few weeks, both fannishly and otherwise. I used to know more fans in the Boston area, but we drifted off in different directions years ago and lost touch, so mostly I just hang out with the same very tiny crowd with occasional out-of-town visitors (not helped by my sky-high levels of introversion and homebody-ness *g*). But it's good to meet people, which is what I/we have been doing lately. Good dinners, good conversations, faces to go with names on the internet. Win! It just also takes up a lot of my social energy that would otherwise go into interacting online.

October has also been Wedding Month; I had a post-elopement reception to attend two weeks ago for a dear niece (and her equally dear new husband <3), and last weekend was a friend's wedding, which I'd been looking forward to all summer and which more than lived up to expectations. Both were huge fun, but also pretty social-energy draining.

But really, a lot of it is the tv. I get home at night and there's hours of catching up to do, and then I'm too tired to do anything else.

Still, some stuff I can't give up:

Person of Interest, because oh my show. ♥ ♥ ♥ I've seen that other people are having some issues with this season so far, so mostly I'm just ignoring other people's posts and the chat comm, and avoiding the IRC chat (woe); POI is my happy place and I want to keep that. (So in this one case, please don't comment to point out all the things I should be unhappy about. *g*) I get that people think it's weaker this season, and I just kinda don't care (spoilers through 3x04) )

Elementary: still fun, although I'm still not fannish about it and probably never will be. But I'm always happy to realize my DVR recorded it and I have it to watch. <3

Haven, which never pissed me off last year the way it did some people, and which this year has been making me incredibly happy. ♥ ♥ ♥ (and spoilers through 4x06) )

Grimm, which is back this week (yay!) and which I expect to continue making me happy *g* Certainly the commercials are. <3

The Voice, about which I'm not at all fannish, but which I enjoy a lot. My favorite part is the blind auditions, where I'm not invested in anyone (and don't even watch the backstory bits, so I don't know what sad stories people have), and everyone has an equal shot, and I can just enjoy it all no pressure. But it's still fun even when I have to ff through stressy bits, or worry about people being knocked out. Some of the battles so far have been amazing.

Stuff that I'm sticking with for now, but that may wind up being cut:

Sleepy Hollow )

White Collar (spoilers for season premiere) )

Once Upon a Time (spoilers through 3x04) )

Stuff I've either given up on, or probably will in the next week or two:

Agents of SHIELD; it's entirely possible that by the end of the season it will have shaken out into something I'd like more, but right now it's not there. I just don't care about any of the characters, and several of them actively annoy me. Which makes me cranky, dammit, because MCU is one of my fannish happy places, and I wanted this to be part of that for me. Hmf.

Likewise Blacklist; I liked it a lot right out of the gate, and that hasn't changed, but I don't particularly like any of the characters as people, and... )

And also likewise Once Upon a Time in Wonderland )

I feel like I'm forgetting a dozen different things, but I've been writing this for days, and need to post it to clear my mental queue so I can maybe start posting other things.

And now there is new POI to watch!
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But for good reason, as I've just an evening of fans, tacos, and Iron Man 3; hard to beat that.

And now I'm rewatching bits of Haven with [personal profile] mollyamory and polishing off some of the leftover guacamole.

Haven spoilers )

That was all very random and short, but time to post and go home!
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ack, it's 11:54 and I haven't written anything up; knew I shoulda saved that Arrow post for today!

So instead I will say some VERY FAST things about tv from the last few days:

Korra )

Haven )

Sleepy Hollow )

and argh I want to say more about all of them, but now it's 11:59, meep.

*hits post*
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I haven't done one of these in ages, but I've seen folks reviving it recently, so what the heck. Have some comms!


[community profile] vidrecs Just what it says on the tin, and a good place to post those VVC recs burning a hole in your pocket... It's a low-activity comm right now, and I'd love to see that change. (note to self...) Anyone can rec. Basic rules: no self-reccing, one rec per post, two posts per reccer per day, publicly available vids only.

[community profile] fanart_recs Again, just what it says on the tin. This runs mainly on a sign-up basis, where people sign up in advance to make at least 4 recs in a month in a particular fandom. They're always looking for more reccers, but I've never seen a month go by when there wasn't at least one person reccing things. Not always in my fandoms, but I've found some fantastic art this way.

[community profile] fancake Okay, I rec this one a lot, because it's one of my favorite recs places. Themed recs, themes change every month, anyone can rec anything they want in that theme, one rec per post, three recs per reccer per day, amnesty period once a year for all themes. I need to get off my duff and start making recs again.

Fic prompts:

[community profile] fic_promptly is a pan-fandom prompt comm that has a different theme every Monday through Thursday (Fridays are free-for-alls, post any prompts you want). This isn't an anon meme; every weekday there's a new post. The comm went silent for a while so may have fallen off people's radar, but it's been revived, and it's back in business.

[community profile] meme_of_interest is the Person of Interest kinkmeme; it allows both anon and non-anon prompts and fills.

[community profile] grimm_kink is the Grimm kink meme, which you can probably tell from the name. A little slow at the moment, but still active; the most recent comment on the prompt post is from yesterday.

Panfandom fannish chat:

[community profile] tv_talk is a fairly new comm, where people can sign up to be Captain of a show -- which just means you agree to put up a new discussion post for people to talk in within a week of an episode's airing. Right now only two of the shows that people have asked to sign up for are currently airing, so it's a little heavy on the Teen Wolf and Falling Skies, but I'd love to see this take off as the fall season starts up. Oh, also anyone can post a "General post" about whatever they want, whenever they want - it's not just for official discussion posts.

The comm doesn't allow character or ship bashing, and the spoiler policy is one that works for me (no spoilers of future shows, no spoilers outside of cuts, no spoilers for episodes airing a week previously in general posts).

[community profile] allfandom_chat is an anon-meme-style comm where you don't have to be anon unless you want to be, where you can talk in comments about any fandom or fannish thing you want. Brand new, set up this week.

[community profile] whumpable For all your hurt/comfort discussion needs, whether finding h/c canons, talking about h/c tropes, making or asking for recs, etc.

Specific fandom comms:

[community profile] pofinterest_fic This is the DW mirror to the most active Person of Interest comm on LJ. The _fic part is misleading; it allows "fanfic, icons, screencaps, any other fanart, fanvids, fanmixes, recs, links, discussion posts, news, etc. -basically anything that is related to the tv show Person of Interest" It's basically the only POI comm on DW right now, other than the kink meme, and with the new season coming up...

[community profile] havenfans For all your Haven needs! Discussion, fic, vids, you name it.

[community profile] grimm_daily A daily roundup of Grimm fic - originally meant for rounding up kink meme fills, but now lists fic from all over -- the kink meme, various LJ comms, AO3, Which I just found, and have now added to my reading list. \o/
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To keep myself busy and online so I don't forget to register, I wrote up the world's longest, rambliest post. \o/ There are spoilers for practically everything here...

I'm settled in for a nice snowy weekend -- lots of cat food, plenty of people food, clean laundry, and a good parking spot. (... I'm a little compulsive about parking spots in bad weather, after 20 years of unassigned street parking in a neighborhood where snow emergencies mean there are too many cars vying for juuuust too few spots, especially given how many people don't know how to shovel, argh, so we wind up losing potential spots to crappy shoveling jobs. But I digress.)

This is going to be much better than last weekend's 27 inches in 24 hours; it'll be more like 4-ish inches in 24 hours, just enough so I can indulge my hermit-y ways and not budge till I have to go to work on Tuesday.

My only concrete plan for today is to sign up for Vividcon, yay! I can't believe it's already time again. All my fannish plans keep winding up on the backburner, but at least maybe this will kick the vidding in the butt, because if reg is here, deadlines are nearly upon us.

I've grabbed a bunch of tv that I probably won't have time to watch, but it looks interesting enough that maybe I'll give it a try at some point, like The Americans and Cracked. I'm banking them for the moment, for some day I'm looking for something new to watch and can marathon through.

I've been watching a bunch of other stuff, though. A couple I've only seen the pilot for so far:

Zero Hour )

The Following )

And then there were the shows that ended recently:

Leverage )

Fringe )

Alphas )

And then, of course, there are the shows that are currently airing and ongoing. Anyone else remember how, 15 years ago, we used to fret every year that this year would be the last year of fannish tv? How we hung on cancellation news, because if X got cancelled, what would we watch?

I kinda miss those days, to tell you the truth. How is there this much tv all the damn time? I feel like I never talk about any of it, because I'm always racing to catch up to just watching it. And for all that I tend to really like the summer shows, man, I miss having a few months every year to catch up on stuff I missed, or rewatch things, or get involved in complicated discussions about What! Might! Happen! (... with other unspoiled people, because for me the fun is guessing, not knowing in advance).

So instead, have a bunch of brief overall reactions to shows, with only a little specific commentary, just so people have some idea of what it is I'm watching these days:

Person of Interest )

Elementary )

Lewis )

Once Upon a Time )

White Collar )

Revenge )

Shows that I'm waiting to come back:

Grimm )

Burn Notice )

Haven )

I know as soon as I post this I'll come up with another half dozen shows I meant to mention. Oh well.

I would write about the reality tv I'm watching, but this is already an absurdly long post. Suffice to say, my favorite shows -- Amazing Race, Project Runway, Top Chef -- still have me, but I'm burning out from overload, and less invested every season. All three shows have had aired four complete seasons since December 2010, and all three are in or about to start another season. I hate to give any of them up for completist reasons, but man. I am just burning out.
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I completely failed to get this posted last week as planned, but at least there's only been one new episode of anything since then thanks to March Madness. So here are some sort of random observations/reactions to some of the shows I'm watching (assume spoilers through current episodes, although I've cut put nested cut tags for specific recent spoilers):

Fringe )

Once Upon a Time )

Grimm )

Lost Girl )

I think that's it for currently airing SFF. I'm waiting for a couple others to come back for a new season (fingers crossed).

Haven )

Alphas )

Whew. I've probably forgotten half a dozen shows, but this is quite long enough.

(edited to fix cut tags argh why can't you see those on preview!)

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