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I wrote one story for Yuletide this year, in one of my oldest and most favorite fandoms, I Spy. My recipient, [personal profile] sarahenany, wanted Scotty-focused hurt/comfort, and listed off some of my favorite episodes as examples of the sort of thing she was looking for, so all in all I was pretty stoked about this assignment! I kept going back and forth on what to call it, and in the end tagged it both gen and m/m; really I think it's pre-slash, in that misty in-between area.

SERE (5468 words) by Arduinna
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: I Spy (1965)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kelly Robinson/Alexander Scott
Characters: Kelly Robinson, Alexander Scott

Survival, Evasion, Recovery, Embrace

Many thanks to [personal profile] dorinda, [personal profile] therienne, and [personal profile] mollyamory for beta!

I also got a story. \o/ My author was [ profile] slipshod, who matched me on Person of Interest, and gave me a lovely story full of unspoken concern, h/c, and protectiveness that slides into a careful first time.

Give (1704 words) by slipshod
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Characters: Harold Finch, John Reese

"This is fun. This is what you and John do all day long?"

I'm still reading my way through the archive; there are dozens of fandoms I haven't even looked at, and more I've started in on but not worked my way through. So much good stuff to read!

In the meantime, I'm slowly building a recs set in my AO3 bookmarks; these are my Yuletide 2012 recs, which will keep getting updated as I keep reading.

In summary: Yuletide! \o/
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Author names have been revealed, so it must be time to post. *g* In order: What I got, what else I'm reccing, and what I wrote.

First up, thank you so much to [personal profile] eotu for my lovely Yuletide gift, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Assignment! It's I Spy, a missing scene for the episode The Seventh Captain, and I love it. *hugs story*

The ep moves very quickly from Scotty being captured and nearly killed (rescued by Kelly, yay!) to him being fairly light-hearted the next day; eotu pulls that back a bit and shows how he got back to that even-keeled place. Which, of course, is all due to his partnership with Kelly, and how they are just always there for each other, and which made me really happy to read. She gave me the Scotty and Kelly I love so much, and that interlude is now canon for that ep in my head.

So that is my first and most important rec! (Which I have just realized I didn't bookmark on AO3 because bookmarks weren't working well that first day, so I have just rectified that.)

More recs are available at my AO3 bookmarks; I'll be adding to these as I keep reading, because wow, is a week not long enough anymore. I don't even know how much more of the archive I have to go through, but it's a lot. *g* At the moment, there are recs in I Spy, Dark Is Rising, Fairy Tales, Anthropomorfic, Dresden Files (tv), MacGyver, Belgariad/Mallorean, the Fire Dancer series by Ann Maxwell, Victor/Victoria, Leverage, White Collar, Invisible Man, and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

(Note: I haven't read all the stories in all those fandoms - I've been dipping in and out, and have read maybe 2 Madness stories so far on top of that. There are likely to be more all over the place. God, I love the bookmarking feature.)

And now, for the story I wrote:

Beatriz (on AO3), for [profile] galerian_ash
Fandom: Gunmen *
Slash - Cole Parker/Dani Servigo
5,228 words
Rating: teen and up
* It's a mid-'90s action flick starring Christopher Lambert and Mario Van Peebles, about two men on opposite sides who eventually wind up (crankily) working together, then protecting each other, then helping each other, then sailing off together into the sunset sunrise while the soundtrack over them sings about how there's nothing wrong with being in love with someone. No, seriously.

I had so much fun with this. I signed up to write it because I've loved this movie for ages, and I've always wanted to see fic for it. Then I was looking through DYW letters before assignments went out, as you do, and stumbled across galerian_ash's request, and had this happy little moment of "that could be my assignment! I could totally write that!"

And then assignments came, and that was my assignment! \o/ Most years I get an assignment from a recipient who wants something a little different than my take on things, which is great because it lets me stretch; this was one of the years where we were totally in sync, which is great because it lets me just sink into the source. So I found my old VHS tape, and I ordered a DVD copy so I didn't completely destroy my tape, and I started watching. And watching. And watching. I was right, I really do love this movie. *g*

My one regret, if you can call it that, is that I had to skip about half my notes, which consisted of all the ways in which Cole (Mario Van Peebles) is gorgeous; I had all these scraps of lines in my head about that, because I really like looking at Cole. But then I started writing, and realized I was solidly inside Cole's head, and wasn't budging. Which meant that all of that description was useless, alas. But I like being inside his head, too, so it's all worth it.

So yay, another fabulous Yuletide, all around!
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Thank you so much! The thought of a story in any of these fandoms is already making me happy. Whatever you want to do with them, I'm already grateful, and the happier you are with what you write, the happier I'll be reading it. If you have an idea that you're itching to write, go for it!

If you want more information about my requests, though, read on - but please don't worry if your ideas go in a different direction. Optional details are optional! As long as it's for one of these fandoms, and uses the characters, you totally win at Yuletide. \o/

my fic tastes )

why I love these fandoms )

If you're stalking my LJ or delicious for hints about me, my apologies - I never post much, and this year in particular I've been quiet in both places. But honestly, I adore all these fandoms, and will be happy with absolutely anything you write, as long as you enjoy writing it.

And thank you, again!!
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On the theory that there's now enough I Spy fanfic on the web to need an archive -- easily one or two dozen stories! -- I... created an I Spy archive.

It's strictly for classic I Spy (the tv show, IOW, not the movie), and already has a half-dozen stories uploaded to it, with hopefully more to come. Right now it's all slash, but the archive is open to anything.

True True: the I Spy Fanfic Archive

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