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Regina and Gold both still "live" in castles -- really they work in them, despite their very nice, very large, houses. But their castles are very different from each other, in both worlds.

Regina likes contrast and starkness, with as much black and white as she can get -- she'll take grey in a pinch, too. The only non-neutral color she likes is red, which is her passion and anger.

Regina in Storyland:

Regina in Storybrooke:

She would like everyone to know that she is the Mayor, the Queen, and the sole possessor of all magic, bitches, so everyone can just suck it.

Ahem. She even kept the stone/marble floors and table:

Her house is softer and a little warmer on the inside, because she's raising Henry there and she really does love him, as much as she's able. But it's still all neutral - cream, beige, brown. And the outside is as white and black as it gets.

Rumple likes softness and shadows, with as much red and gold as he can get, and where Regina's "medium" color is usually a cool grey, his is usually a warm brown.

Rumple in Storyland:

Most of his castle is just a regular castle, with stone walls and floors (and columns that look like birch trees even though they have to be stone, because this show is obsessed with birch trees)

But the spaces where he actually lives -- the main hall, and his library/laboratory -- are much warmer.

(Okay this one's creepier than it looks, because of the "dolls" hanging up in the background. Those are not dolls. *shudder*)

Everything is in rich reds, browns, golds. Where Regina has cold, grey, stone floors, Rumple has rich red-brown wood covered in even richer red carpet. His walls are papered in red, with tapestries/rugs hanging on them, and paintings in gold frames hanging on top of the tapestries. Instead of cold, open, stone windows, he has thick drapes in the same rich reds, and the windows behind them have normal wooden panes in them.

Even in his less-decorated library, the stone walls are warmer toned, the floor is wood, and there are books and wooden bookcases everywhere. And again, the windows have panes; he's protected from the elements, not exposed.

Regina's pops of red are cold and dangerous; Rumple's reds are warm and welcoming (even though he's way more dangerous than she is, and really that red should be reading as blood. But it's not.)

Gold in Storybrooke:

His pawn shop is where he spends most of his time. It's mostly dimly lit, crowded with all sorts of things - trophies he can touch any time he wants, with layers of textures everywhere. He learned to like looking out windows after Belle tore down his drapes, so he made himself "windows" to look out of behind his counter.

You can see him down the back there, standing in front of his "windows" which actually manage to look almost real from this angle, and that the floor here is basically the same rich red-brown wood as his castle hall floor.

(so creepy omg he has them everywhere he goes!)

And he also has a random stuffed penguin in his back room. Probably the Happy Feet penguin. Because he's like that.

It's hard to look at cheerful warm clutter like that and think "cold-blooded evil", even though that's exactly what he is.

His house actually reflects more of the colors and warmth of his favorite room in his castle, right down to the warm red wood exterior, although it also looks like he never finished settling in, in 28 years.

And obviously, on top of the actual colors, the lighting & filters used heighten all of the effects.

But the interesting thing is how all of this reflects them both.

Their spaces encapsulate their entire worldviews.

Regina is literally most comfortable seeing the world in black and white. She's tricky and manipulative, but she's not playing a game, and if you know what it is you're looking at, what you see is what you get. Snow betrayed her, therefore the world deserves to suffer, therefore the world will suffer. She wants revenge, and will do whatever it takes to get it.

She's not actually very good at rolling with the punches; when Emma arrives, she sees a threat and reacts, over and over (throw her in jail! throw her in jail again! etc.) She never even noticed that Gold had been playing her, even after she knew he was Rumple, until it was far too late.

She chose evil when her love was taken from her; her defining moment was loss caused by betrayal, and she deliberately turned away from warmth and closeness, turning cold and hard: black, white, stone, angles, isolation. Even the tactile sensations around her are smooth and cool -- stone, metal. The only place that shows any softness is her home, where she's learning to love Henry.

Rumple, on the other hand, sees not just colors, but layers. Look at his castle walls: stone covered in paper covered in tapestry covered in paintings, and all in shades of the same color and in different patterns. And it works - the effect is overwhelming but beautiful.

He's playing an incredibly long game, as [personal profile] therienne notes, and is a master at rolling with the punches, working new players and situations seamlessly into his layered plans. And he doesn't lose track of anything; even in his cluttered pawn shop, he can lay his hands on any piece he wants, immediately. No one has any idea what he's up to, so no one can anticipate him.

He had evil thrust upon him because his love for and need to protect Bae was so overwhelming. He would do anything to keep Bae safe, and anything to find him again. What defines him isn't betrayal and revenge, but a single-minded need to bring love back into his life (even though he doesn't think he's worth it, he wants it). He didn't cut himself off from feelings the way Regina did; he surrounds himself in warmth, textures, layers, memories, beauty -- clearly hungry for all of that.

Belle was a natural addition to his surroundings in Storyland; he may be a monster, but he started out connected to someone he loved, and he always wanted that back. He never wanted to be a monster, even if he can't bring himself to give it up. But even she couldn't outweigh his need for Bae then - and maybe not now, when he's so close to getting him back.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens with the colors this season, if anything.

Next up in the series: clothing connections.

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Date: 2012-10-03 07:05 pm (UTC)
the_shoshanna: my boy kitty (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_shoshanna
Your and therienne's posts don't convine me to go back to the show -- I'm actually kind of intimidated now! -- but they are nonetheless absolutely fascinating. WOW. Thanks for sharing all this!

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Date: 2012-10-03 07:51 pm (UTC)
montanaharper: close-up of helena montana on a map (Default)
From: [personal profile] montanaharper
Some of the details in these posts are things I'd noticed (the forest being everywhere, etc.) and some are totally not. I'm loving reading your analyses. :-)

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Date: 2012-10-07 02:15 am (UTC)
neotoma: Neotoma albigula, the white-throated woodrat! [default icon] (Default)
From: [personal profile] neotoma
You make a really good case for Regina being cool and black & white and Rumplestiltskin being warm and rich colors.

even though he's way more dangerous than she is,

He's more dangerous, but also more approachable. After all, his entire life in the Fairy Tale World was him making deals -- he had to be amenable to talking to and with people for that to work, even if he preferred to have people over a barrel so that they didn't argue about his price for 'help'.

The only problem I have with the set design is that every time they have shown that spinning wheel, the props people had it set up wrong. The drive band is not around the rim as it should be -- they've got it wrapped around the axle of the great wheel! It drives me nuts, because spinning wheels work by gear ratios -- the wheel is that big so it can turn the flyer 100 times for every time it is itself to rotated!

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